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Dump Truck Redophile

Dump Truck Redophile
Dear one-toothed dump truck passenger, It is in no way, shape or form appropriate for you to yell out “Hey Red!” while I am minding my own business, walking down the street on the sidewalk. Judging by the tears streaming down my near-translucent cheeks, I am quite clearly having a bad day already, and while... Read more »

Don't tell a soul

Really, really smart people dislike gingers

TIME published Why Surgeons Dread Redheads Friday. A few key highlights: Redheads are more sensitive to opiate painkillers but less sensitive to other types of pain relievers. Overall, they feel more pain than blondes and brunettes. Eighty percent of people around the world carry the recessive red-haired gene, although only 1-2 percent actually have red... Read more »