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"Othello" (Lyric Opera): Astonishing Season Opener

"Othello" (Lyric Opera):  Astonishing Season Opener
The beauty of theatre on stage is that every performance is live. There is potential for the unexpected. So, on the opening night of the 2013-2014 Lyric Opera season, when an announcement between Act 1 and Act 2 stating the key role of Iago was to be resumed by an understudy, the audience collectively inhaled to... Read more »

"Julius Caesar" (Babes with Blades): Female Force Attacks

"Julius Caesar" (Babes with Blades):  Female Force Attacks
Babes with Blades Theatre Company presents Julius Caesar. Rome welcomes back its hometown hero, Julius Caesar. The city’s vocal and visible adoration add to JC’s healthy self-esteem. They want him to be their King. JC’s growing popularity and arrogance gives the Senate pause. A group of rebels fear Caesar will turn the democracy to dictatorship. They... Read more »

"Richard III" (Wayward Productions): Thought-provoking imagery stays true to classic

"Richard III" (Wayward Productions): Thought-provoking imagery stays true to classic
Wayward Productions presents Richard III.  Duplicity and murder are Richard’s tactics in his quest for power.  Yet, instead of 1480’s in the royal court of England, it’s 1970’s in a bikers‘ dive bar.  Richard’s quest is not to be King of the country.  This Richard wants to be the monarch of the Warlock Motorcycle Gang. And he... Read more »

"Coriolanus" (The Hypocrites): WARNING: Show Attacks with Brutal Force

"Coriolanus" (The Hypocrites):  WARNING:  Show Attacks with Brutal Force
The Hypocrites presents Coriolanus.  The world is at war.  Territories are gained and lost by the sword.  Men are fighting for power and honor.  Coriolanus returns home the conquering hero.  His battles were epic. His missions were practically suicidal.  His wounds are fresh.  He did it all for love!  His love of country made him... Read more »

EXTENDS Thru Nov 25th "Hamlet" (Writers' Theatre): Crazy Great!

EXTENDS Thru Nov 25th "Hamlet" (Writers' Theatre):  Crazy Great!
Family drama is always unpleasant!  But I try to keep it in perspective.   Was anyone stabbed, poisoned, or drowned at the family gathering?  Okay then, it wasn’t truly family drama. Writers’ Theatre presents HAMLET.  The king is dead.  The queen is remarried.  The prince is mad.  The king’s ghost tells Hamlet that he was... Read more »

"Julius Caesar" (Muse of Fire): Volkers *IS* Brutus!

"Julius Caesar" (Muse of Fire):  Volkers *IS* Brutus!
“Romans, countrymen, and lovers! hear me for my cause, and be silent, that you may hear: believe me for mine honour, and have respect to mine honour, that you may believe: censure me in your wisdom, and awake your senses, that you may the better judge.”                                                                                 -Brutus #155. Political rhetoric isn’t new to this... Read more »

"Being Shakespeare" (Chicago Shakespeare Theater): As I Love It!

"Being Shakespeare" (Chicago Shakespeare Theater):  As I Love It!
#83.  Shakespeare must be the most well-known writer in history.  He’s a legend!  His work is produced regularly across the globe.  In fact, this summer, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London will present the Globe to Globe Festival, April 23rd – June 10th.  This 2012 Cultural Olympiad will feature all 37 plays of Shakespeare’s performed by... Read more »

"As You Like It (A New Adaptation)" (Strangeloop Theatre): Shakespeare...(sorta)

#74.  “All the world is a stage!” is a famous quote from Shakespeare’s play As You Like It.  That philosophy encourages theatres to be dynamic and ever-changing.  Even established plays receive a new look and life as a theatre company interprets the work. Strangeloop Theatre presents As You Like It (A New Adaptation). Family issues at court... Read more »

"A Midsummer's Night Dream"(Chicago Shakes): Pucking Hilarious!

#35. And, most dear actors, eat no onions nor garlic, for we are to utter sweet breath; and I do not doubt but to hear them say, it is a sweet comedy. No more words: away! go, away!    – Nick Bottom Chicago Shakespeare Theater presents A Midsummer’s Night Dream.  Three worlds collide over love.  In the actor world, Peter Quince gathers the local... Read more »

Review "HAMLET": Being in the Room with Shakespeare!

   DreamLogic TheatreWorks presents     Hamlet     Written by William Shakespeare Directed by Scott McKinsey at Gunder Mansion, 6219 N. Sheridan (map) thru March 5  |  tickets: $30 (w/ open bar) |  more info Reviewed by Katy Walsh His father was murdered. His mother married the killer. His girlfriend is playing hard-to-get. Why so glum... Read more »