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"Broken Fences" (16th Street Theater): Mind-Broadening!

"Broken Fences" (16th Street Theater):  Mind-Broadening!
16th Street Theater presents Broken Fences. Three artistic directors, Ann Filmer (16th Street), Ilesa Duncan (Pegasus Players), and Daniel Bryant (Congo Square) unite for this multi-layered look at a neighborhood’s footprint in the past, present and future. Read the rest of my review at Chicago Theater Beat.

"The Electric Baby" (Rivendell Theatre): Illuminating!

"The Electric Baby" (Rivendell Theatre):  Illuminating!
Potatoes under the arms absorb odor. Whiskey soaked socks cure a cough. A banana peel on the head makes a headache go away. Stefanie Zadravec’s play immediately charms as Kathy Logelin (Natalia) shares homespun remedies for ailments. The no-nonsense, sage-like Logelin captivates with her old world knowledge. Perched on one side of the theatre, Logelin... Read more »

"A Steady Rain" (Chicago Commercial Collective): Chicago Masterpiece Comes Home

"A Steady Rain" (Chicago Commercial Collective):  Chicago Masterpiece Comes Home
When I was a kid, I believed things were black and white.  Actions were right or wrong.  People were good or bad.  Growing up I’ve learned nothing is that simple.  Friendships have blended the colors.  Humans are complicated; loving them requires compromise.  And every time a friend starts down a path of destruction, I have... Read more »