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EXTENDED AGAIN Thru August 21st "THE HOMOSEXUALS" Are Unstoppable!

  Audio Podcast at ITUNES  Chicago Theatre Reviews for Week of June 23rd Narrated by Joshua Volkers  About Face Theatre presents THE HOMOSEXUALS Reviewed by Katy Walsh There is an accepted belief that six degrees separates one person from any other person.  In the gay community, the linkage is considerably tighter and more intimate.  That... Read more »

Morocco Vacation: Marrakech to Fes in Pictures!

For those, who like pictures better than written ramblings… Morocco:  The Slide Show   by photographer Willie Paulino. For those, who missed the first postings, here’s the written recap… Day 1:  Snake Watch! Day 2:  Eat, Pray, Love! Day 3: Bill Turns 40! Day 4: Steve’s Marrakech Day 5: Marrakech Express Day 6: Fes-cination! Day 7:  Mr.... Read more »

Review Morocco: Day 2 Eat, Pray & Love!

Eat, Pray and Love!  This vacation is like a movie.  Colorful costumes, extensive scenery, and just the right amount of drama!  We continue to eat the local cuisine.  We are fascinated by the regular hours of prayer… over the loudspeakers.  And we are loving every minute of it.   Talking the Talk:  Bonjour!  The language du... Read more »

Review Morocco: Day 1 Watch out for the Snakes!

“All the World is a Stage.” -William Shakespeare  To celebrate my friend’s 40th birthday, I’ve traveled from Chicago, Illinois to Marrakesh, Morocco.  Deviating from my regular schtick, I’m blogging our adventure.   FLIGHT OF (not so) FANCY:  Most of us flew Iberian Air, a partner of American Airlines.  The flight is approximately 8 hours to... Read more »