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"This Is War" (Signal Ensemble Theatre): Startling Insider's Perspective

"This Is War" (Signal Ensemble Theatre):  Startling Insider's Perspective
The title says it all.  Playwright Hannah Moscovitch transports us to Afghanistan in 2008 and continually points at different scenarios and figuratively says, “this is war.”  The military examination is done as flashbacks from four different soldiers’ perspectives.  Moscovitch adds reflective narrations to connect the pieces as each person is interviewed by the media throughout the play. ... Read more »

"Seek and Ye Shall Find" (Mortar Theatre): Tour de Force

"Seek and Ye Shall Find" (Mortar Theatre): Tour de Force
Q: What do you get when the Million Man March intersects with the Gay Pride Parade? A: Sentell Harper as the tour de force Grand Marshal. Sentell Harper is sensational in his one man show. As the writer and performer, he confronts his own prejudice against gay black men. Sentell takes a journey on the Red Line... Read more »

"Kill Shakespeare" (Strawdog Theatre): Bloody Clever Twist on the Classics

"Kill Shakespeare" (Strawdog Theatre): Bloody Clever Twist on the Classics
Strawdog Theatre Company’s Hugen Hall present the Midwest premiere of Anthony Del Col and Conor McCreery’s Kill Shakespeare.  The well-known heroes and villains of Shakespearean plays are battling out for eternal power.  Hamlet, Juliet, Falstaff, Richard III, Lady MacBeth have left their own stories to confront each other and their creator, Shakespeare, in a literary blood feud. This is not your... Read more »

"Allotment Annie" (Infusion Theatre): War Bride-zillas

"Allotment Annie" (Infusion Theatre):  War Bride-zillas
Infusion Theatre presents the world premiere of Allotment Annie.  It’s 1944.  Americans are fighting off the Germans overseas.  Meanwhile, war crimes are being committed right here on the home front.  A friendly Poughkeepsie, New York tavern welcomes the military.  Fran and Virginia will dance, screw and marry any service guy that walks in the door.   The gals... Read more »

"Take Her to See the Maco Lights" (Prologue Theatre): See It This Week

I do believe in ghosts.  Not the terrorizing banshee types or the cemetery back-from-the-dead spooks, I believe my present is interconnected with the past and the future.  A deja vu or prickly sensation is tethered to something that already happened or will happen.  A friend once told me that he saw one of my crying... Read more »

"Bombs, Babes and Bingo" (Mortar Theatre): Clever Premise

In moments of great sadness, I often swallow a great one liner or life musing.  It’s a curse and a gift that in times of grief, I see humor.  Funeral, break-up, argument, it doesn’t matter the situation – something funny usually occurs to me.  Sometimes I give into sharing the joke.  The comedic release can... Read more »

"Arcadia" (New Leaf Theatre): New Leaf's Grand Finale!

“The aesthetic model that I was thinking of when we were talking about the decision to close was the last frame of Calvin and Hobbes. That way of ending a mission and completing a body of work…so the work will always have integrity and it won’t seep away or we won’t try and change it into... Read more »

"The Improv Play" (Infusion Theatre): Behind-the-Laughter Look at Chicago Actors

“The secret source of humor itself is not joy but sorrow.”  -Mark Twain #80.  Infusion Theatre Company, in conjunction with DCA Theater, presents the world premiere of The Improv Play.  Walt got the nod.  He’s leaving Chicago’s Second City for “Saturday Night Live.”  His success makes others tally their own comedic situation.  Ben lost his job chasing... Read more »

"If You Give A Cat A Cupcake" (Emerald City Theatre): Tasty Family Treat!

There is nothing odd about a chocolate frosted cupcake.  It’s ordinary.  When a cat adds on the sprinkles, the ordinary gets pretty wacky!  Emerald City Theatre presents If You Give a Cat a Cupcake.  A little girl is bored.  She wants her dad to play with her.  He has to work.  When she gives her... Read more »