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"Tammy: Coming of Age..." (Corn Productions): LMAO!

#46.  I look back on my youth with relief.  I survived it.  Everything is a big deal.  Nothing is easy.  Someone is always judging… peers, teachers, parents.  There is no escaping the public and personal scrutiny.  Being a kid sucks.  And to kick the misery up a notch, puberty arrives to make life more out... Read more »

"Jesus Camp-The Musical" (Corn Productions): Get S'more!

‘Nails and boards may kill our Lord, but words will never hurt us!‘  Familiar childhood taunts are resurrected with a Divine twist.  A communion of kids spend the summer together.  In the big outdoors, they run the God-stacle course, play carry-the-cross, and swap scripture verses.  The girls muse everlasting virginity.  The boys plot a late... Read more »