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"Seek and Ye Shall Find" (Mortar Theatre): Tour de Force

"Seek and Ye Shall Find" (Mortar Theatre): Tour de Force
Q: What do you get when the Million Man March intersects with the Gay Pride Parade? A: Sentell Harper as the tour de force Grand Marshal. Sentell Harper is sensational in his one man show. As the writer and performer, he confronts his own prejudice against gay black men. Sentell takes a journey on the Red Line... Read more »

"Bombs, Babes and Bingo" (Mortar Theatre): Clever Premise

In moments of great sadness, I often swallow a great one liner or life musing.  It’s a curse and a gift that in times of grief, I see humor.  Funeral, break-up, argument, it doesn’t matter the situation – something funny usually occurs to me.  Sometimes I give into sharing the joke.  The comedic release can... Read more »

"Corazon De Manzana" (Mortar Theatre): Human Complexity to the Core

"Corazon De Manzana" (Mortar Theatre):  Human Complexity to the Core
My sister Cindy and I use to stick toothpicks into our Barbies’ heads.  Sometimes, it was to give them a fashionable up-do.  And sometimes, it was just to dishevel their appearances.  With the Dream House AND the dune buggy, our Barbies’ lives were a little too perfect.  They needed a reality check on life’s hardships. ... Read more »

Review "Under America": IN Range But OVER Target

Mortar Theatre presents UNDER AMERICAAt Athenaeum Theatre, 2936 N. SouthportWritten by Jacob JuntunenDirected by Rachel Edwards HarvithThru September 26th Buy TicketsRunning time:  Two hours and forty minutes includes two 10-minute intermissions Reviewed by Katy Walsh Robbed at knife point, raped in a tunnel, surrounded by cats:  What’s real?  And what’s a horrible hallucination conjured up... Read more »

Review "Inherit the Whole": Buried Treasure!

Mortar Theatre presentsINHERIT THE WHOLE at Athenaeum Theatre2936 N. SouthportWritten by Dana Lynn FormbyDirected by Jason BoatThru June 27th Buy TicketsRunning Time:  One hundred and five minutes includes a fifteen minute intermission Reviewed by Katy Walsh Nothing or something divided by three or five.  A trio of brothers and two wives battle over the inheritance... Read more »