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"Spirits to Enforce" (Abraham Werewolf): So, Damn Clever!

"Spirits to Enforce" (Abraham Werewolf):  So, Damn Clever!
#176. Q:  What could superheroes, Shakespeare, and telethons possibly have in common? A:  The Tempest Abraham Werewolf presents Spirits to Enforce.  In Fathom, a group of actors are trying to raise funds for their production of “The Tempest.” The ensemble dials for dollars during a telethon.  No one is interested.  The group decides to drop their secret... Read more »

"Arcadia" (New Leaf Theatre): New Leaf's Grand Finale!

“The aesthetic model that I was thinking of when we were talking about the decision to close was the last frame of Calvin and Hobbes. That way of ending a mission and completing a body of work…so the work will always have integrity and it won’t seep away or we won’t try and change it into... Read more »

Review "LIGHTHOUSEKEEPING": Sweeping Coming of Age Story

Audio Podcast at ITUNES  Chicago Theatre Reviews for Week of June 10th  Narrated by Joshua Volkers   New Leaf Theatre presents LIGHTHOUSEKEEPING Reviewed by Katy Walsh Life is a series of stories.  Each person is a composition of tales they’ve heard, lived and told.  There is no happy ending because there is no ending.  There... Read more »