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"The Birds" (Hell in a Handbag): Riotously Funny!

"The Birds" (Hell in a Handbag):  Riotously Funny!
When it came to finding a leading lady for the follow-up to his 1960 hit Psycho, Alfred Hitchcock cast a wide net after being rebuffed by his original choice, Grace Kelly. He eventually discovered a blond-haired, blue-eyed doppelganger in the form of a young Midwestern model named Nathalie “Tippi” Hedren who made her screen debut in “The Birds”... Read more »

"Sexy Baby" (Hell in a Handbag): Crowning A Sleazement

"Sexy Baby" (Hell in a Handbag):  Crowning A Sleazement
#113.  I’m from a three generation tiara family.  I have one. My mom has one.  My niece has one.  Sparkly accessory perched on a head?!  We totally get it.  Who doesn’t want to be crowned the winner?  It doesn’t really matter if it’s awarded or self-appointed.  Nothing dazzles like jeweled headgear. Hell in a Handbag... Read more »

"Rudolph the Red-Hosed Reindeer" (Hell in a Handbag Productions): Cerda's *Naughty* Side of Xmas

Every year, I see a lot of *nice* holiday shows.  And maybe just one *naughty* one!  Hell in a Handbag Productions presents Rudolph the Red-Hosed Reindeer.  Playwright David Cerda takes the beloved children’s classic “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” and slaps some ruffled red panties on it.  It’s a little familiar and a whole lot funny. ... Read more »

Rudolph the Red-Hosed Reindeer Review: Not Your Daddy's Rudolph!

Hell in a Handbag Productions presents: Rudolph the Red-Hosed Reindeer  Book and Lyrics by David CerdaMusic by David Cerda with Scott LambertyDirected by Derek CzaplewskiAt Mary’s Attic (5400 N. Clark Street) thru January 2nd (ticket info) A red panty-wearing reindeer, a boozy hag Mrs. Claus, and an elf with dental aspirations: two of these three... Read more »