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Review "Pygmalion" (ShawChicago): Bloody Brilliant Depiction

Review "Pygmalion" (ShawChicago):  Bloody Brilliant Depiction
The short description of Pygmalion might be ‘My Fair Lady without the music.’ That explanation would truly be a disservice to George Bernard Shaw. Although I love the musical, especially the movie version with Audrey Hepburn and Rex Harrison, for its pageantry and catchy tunes, it does not fully capture the radical aspects of Shaw’s play. He intricately and... Read more »

"James Barrie's Quartets" (ShawChicago): Engaging Triple-Play

"James Barrie's Quartets" (ShawChicago):  Engaging Triple-Play
ShawChicago Theatre Company presents James Barrie’s Quartets. Steering away from their namesake, ShawChicago closes its season with a tribute to the man behind “Peter Pan.”  For this showcase, Director Robert Scogin has selected three one-act plays to perform by a quartet.  Scogin expertly directs the same four actors playing all the parts.  As is the ShawChicago hallmark, the talented... Read more »

"The Elephant and the Whale" (Chicago Children's Theatre): Big Time Adorable!

"The Elephant and the Whale" (Chicago Children's Theatre): Big Time Adorable!
Chicago Children’s Theatre, in conjunction with Redmoon Theatre, presents the world premiere of The Elephant and the Whale. The best indicator of an engaging children’s show is the stillness of the kids.  From lights up to blackout, this audience is transfixed.  Everyone is glued to their seat as the theatrics commence.  Of course, there are the frequent... Read more »

"Widowers' Houses" (ShawChicago): It's a Shaw First!

"Widowers' Houses" (ShawChicago):  It's a Shaw First!
ShawChicago presents Widowers’ Houses.  Harry and Blanche are in love.  They met on vacation.  He comes from old money with a modest allowance.  She is nouveau rich with a materialistic appetite.  When their families agree to the match, what could stop their wedded bliss?  Money!  Financial woes become a barrier to young love.  Harry finds out Blanche’s... Read more »

"Bud, Not Buddy" (Chicago Children's Theatre): Joyful Weeper!

"Bud, Not Buddy" (Chicago Children's Theatre):  Joyful Weeper!
Chicago Children’s Theatre presents Bud, Not Buddy.  Bud is a ten year old growing up in the Depression Era. Life has been rough for him.  His mama died four years ago.  The boys at the orphanage bully him.  Then, when his new foster family lock him in a shed, Bud decides to hit the road.  He’s leaving... Read more »

"Harold and the Purple Crayon" (Chicago Children's Theatre): Color Me Happy!

"Harold and the Purple Crayon" (Chicago Children's Theatre):  Color Me Happy!
“Cool!”      “I know what possibility means.”     “That was fantastic.”   “Oh yeah!” “That’s funny!”     “They are making an apple tree.”     “I want an apple!” Sometimes the unscripted responses of the young audience are as entertaining as the play in progress. Chicago Children’s Theatre presents a new musical version of Harold and the Purple Crayon.  Author Crockett Johnson wrote a beloved... Read more »

"Mrs. Warren's Profession" (ShawChicago): Looking for a different career path?

          The play is morally rotten…the story…the incidents… the characters are wholly immoral and degenerate… the play is an insult to decency.         -New York Herald, October 1905 ShawChicago presents Mrs. Warren’s Profession.  Kitty Warren is a businesswoman, a single mother – and a whore.  Vivie Warren is a college graduate, a detached daughter,... Read more »

"Androcles and the Lion" (ShawChicago): Talented Lion is Too Big for Its Cage!

#25. ShawChicago presents Androcles and the Lion.  The Romans like a good game.  The coliseum packs the spectators in to watch death by lion. The prey is Christians.  When the Christians decide to not fight back, the sport loses its competitive edge.  The martyrs are ruining the entertainment value.  Caesar doesn’t know what to do.  The... Read more »

"Noel Coward in Two Keys" (ShawChicago): Double Play = Home Run!

It’s been twenty years but I still remember the moment and location of my greatest heartbreak.  The taste of my beer.  The look in his eyes. The feel of my blood rushing to my face.  The  sound of absolute silence as a piece of me hit the floor with a dull thud.   The smell of... Read more »