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Off Book Chats Up Raven, Northlight, Hell in a Handbag, Mortar and 2012 Jeff Award Predictions

Today, Chicago Theatre Off Book is a *SPECIAL DOUBLE* edition.  First, we review openings at theatres around the area: “Bang the Drum Slowly” at Raven Theatre, “[title of show]” at Northlight Theatre, “Sexy Baby” at Hell in a Handbag, “Bombs, Babes and Bingo” at Mortar Theatre.  Then, our special guests predict the 2012 Non-Equity Jeff Awards.  Awards to be announced on June 4th at Park West.  And coming soon…... Read more »

EXTENDED "Bang the Drum Slowly" (Raven Theatre): Male Bonding at Its Finest!

#114.  Men have always mystified me.  Having grown up with three sisters, I totally get every possible emotion for death, break-ups, or coupon expiration emitted by gals.  I don’t always understand what a man is thinking or feeling.  Their level of communication often is a grunt, a shrug, or a ‘whatever’.  My ‘How do you... Read more »

Off Book Chats Up Raven, TimeLine, Writers, Signal ATC, AFT, Children's & More

Today, Chicago Theatre Off Book is reviewing exciting offerings from local theatre companies: “Treasured Stories by Eric Carle” by Chicago Children’s Theater at Victory Gardens, “Hostage Song” at Signal Ensemble Theatre, “Rent” at American Theater Company with About Face Theatre, and “A Little Night Music” at Writers Theatre.  Our special guests are Michael Menendian from Raven Theatre and PJ Powers from Timeline Theatre. And of course, we have 2 new Got A Minute? segments from local playwrights. This May 18, 2012 episode... Read more »

"The Price" (Raven Theatre): Writing, Acting, Directing Makes "The Price" Right!

#50. Family ties bind.  Being tethered to something substantial with a past and a future can be comforting.  Sometimes, the rope can threaten to choke the life out of you.  Other times, the connection can be so frayed and worn that one good yank could sever it forever. Raven Theatre presents The Price.  Victor has always... Read more »

Chicago Theatre Off Book chats with Steppenwolf and about Wild Claw, Idle Muse, Raven, and Porchlight!

Chicago Theatre Off Book chats with Steppenwolf and about Wild Claw, Idle Muse, Raven, and Porchlight!
 Today, Chicago Theatre Off Book is reviewing exciting offerings at Wild Claw Theatre , Idle Muse Theatre  Raven Theatre  and Porchlight Theatre.   In addition, we chat with Erica Daniels from Steppenwolf Theatre.   And of course, we have two new Got A Minute? segments from local playwrights.   Plus, we announce the 2011 HONOR AWARD winners.  ... Read more »

"Dating Walter Dante" (Raven Theatre): Suspected Killer Meets Girl Love Story

"Dating Walter Dante" (Raven Theatre):  Suspected Killer Meets Girl Love Story
#39. Right out of college, my friend Mary started dating this guy.  He was in his forties, divorced, unemployed and delinquent in his child support payments. And worse to me, he just gave off a weird vibe. I didn’t understand her attraction.  And I certainly didn’t trust him.  I was working for the Public Defender’s office... Read more »

Off Book chats with Victory Gardens' Chay Yew, Chicago Dramatists'Jon Steinhagen and Much More!

  Chicago Theatre Off Book is reviewing exciting offerings at Next, Court, Chicago Shakes, and Lyric.  In addition, we chat about world premieres with Jon Steinhagen, playwright for Chicago Dramatists and Raven Theatre  and new Artistic Director Chad Yew at Victory Gardens.  And of course, we have two new Got A Minute? segments from local playwrights.  Have a listen!  Plus, don’t forget to pick... Read more »

EXTENDS THRU January 14th "Bus Stop" (Raven Theatre): This Bus Keeps On Trucking!

Chicago knows from recent firsthand experience that a blizzard puts people in unexpected situations.  Being snowed in together makes friends… strangers, and strangers…friends. Unable to move on from unpleasant conditions, people become physically stuck.  Digging a way out doesn’t always mean a clean exit.  Raven Theatrepresents Bus Stop.  A blizzard strands a busload at the local diner. ... Read more »

"Bird" follows the "Cat" Before I "Pan" "The Art"!

Who needs candy?  I’m getting treated to Chicago Theatre AND I’m not the one who has to wear a costume. Cat on a Hot Tin Roof at Raven Theatre Sweet Bird of Youth at The Artistic Home Peter Pan at Lookingglass Theatre Mastering the Art at Timeline Theatre 

This weekend "Escape From Happiness" with "That Sordid Little Story"

Humor of crazy family antics and/or a Bluesgrass road trip:  don’t miss two Chicago Storefront Theatre shows ending this weekend…   Infamous Commonweath Theatre’s Escape From Happiness at Raven Theatre   The New Colony’s That Sordid Little Story at Viaduct Theatre