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"Slowgirl" (Steppenwolf Theatre): Heartfelt Connectivity

"Slowgirl" (Steppenwolf Theatre):  Heartfelt Connectivity
Steppenwolf Theatre presents SLOWGIRL. An uncle and his niece reunite in the middle of a jungle. Playwright Greg Pierce uses an exotic locale for an unexpected family meet up. Sterling and Becky haven’t seen each other in years. Now, they are forced to live in the same hut and figure out what’s really going on.... Read more »

"The Book Thief" (Steppenwolf Theatre): Gray Steals Hearts!

"The Book Thief" (Steppenwolf Theatre):  Gray Steals Hearts!
Steppenwolf Theatre for Young Adults, in partnership with Chicago Public Library’s One Book, One Chicago, presents THE BOOK THIEF.  Leisel’s mother is dead.  Her father is in prison.  She and her brother are being adopted.  En route to their new home, her brother dies. What could possibly be worse than what she has already survived? ... Read more »

"Crooked" (Rivendell Theatre): Straight-up Superb!

"Crooked" (Rivendell Theatre):  Straight-up Superb!
#117.  High school!?  A four year quest for peer acceptance.  Egads!  As I get older, the torture, the embarrassment, the awkwardness is muddled.  The experience becomes less “Breakfast Club” poignant original and more “Facts of Life” silly reruns. Now, deformities and all, I go to all my class reunions. I banter with everyone.  There are... Read more »

Off Book chats with Rae Gray, Grey Ghost and Much More!

Off Book chats with Rae Gray, Grey Ghost and Much More!
Today, Chicago Theatre Off Book is reviewing exciting offerings from local theatre companies:   “The Reception” by Steep Theatre , “After the Revolution” by Next Theatre , “Chesapeake” by Remy Bumppo Theatre and “Johnny Theatre” by Chemically Imbalanced Theatre.  We also chat with Rae Gray, Chicago actress and Evan Chung and Amber Robinson, co-founders Grey Ghost Theatre.   And of course, we have 2 new Got A Minute? segments from local playwrights . This April 27, 2012 episode... Read more »

Review: THAT FACE (Redtwist Theatre)

Review: THAT FACE (Redtwist Theatre)
Drugged, blindfolded, tortured, a victim slips into unconsciousness.  No, it’s not a prisoner of war.  It’s a twelve year old at a London boarding school. Redtwist Theatrepresents the Chicago premiere of That Face.  Mia teams up with Izzy to bully a young girl.  When the hazing ritual gets brutally out-of-control, the girls are sent home.  Mia’s mum... Read more »

Review "Circle Mirror Transformation": Inside the Actor's Studio

“Circle Mirror Transformation” Takes Audiences Behind the Curtain   Reviewed By Katy Walsh The acting is brilliant in this production in which actors play people who are trying to be actors. It’s a two-hour, no-intermission staged reality show about theatre. A community center offers a 6-week creative drama course. A free-spirited teacher takes a class... Read more »

2011 REMOUNT "Jailbait": 'Sexual Perversity' Meets 'High School Musical' Sans the Tunes!

REMOUNT at Second Stage, 3408 N. Sheffield, January 13th thru February 27th Profiles Theatre presents  JAILBAITAt 4147 N. Broadway Written by Deirdre O’ConnorDirected by Joe JahrausThru October 17th  Buy TicketsRunning Time:  Ninety minutes with no intermission Reviewed by Katy Walsh ‘When you are 15, everything fun is illegal.’  A nightclub pick-up is riddled with risks:... Read more »