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"Seascape" (Remy Bumppo): Thought-provoking Deconstruction and Evolution

"Seascape" (Remy Bumppo):  Thought-provoking Deconstruction and Evolution
CHARLIE:  It’s called flux.  And it’s always going on; right now, to all of us. SARAH (shy):  Is it…is it for the better? CHARLIE:  Is it for the better?  I don’t know.  Progress is a set of assumptions. Remy Bumppo presents SEASCAPE. Nancy and Charlie are a couple with grown children.  Sarah and Leslie are... Read more »

"Seasons Greetings" (Northlight Theatre): Guns, Puppets, Booze... Just Another Family X-Mas!

Christmas is about family!  People, with maybe no more in common than shared DNA, gathering together in celebration.  Dates, divorces, deaths and births constantly redefine the guest list, but forced relational interface is a certainty.  When my aunt got divorced in the seventies, my mom knew Mary Catherine’s first holiday would be hard. To distract... Read more »