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"THE MAIDS" (Oracle Theatre): Gripping, Psycho Thriller!

"THE MAIDS" (Oracle Theatre):  Gripping, Psycho Thriller!
#58.  I quit my first career job after 6 years.  My boss was the most shrewd businessman I had ever met.  At first, I was mesmerized by his charisma. I adored him.  Later, he used his business tactics to put me in my place. I abhorred him.  So, on the eve of my big going... Read more »

"Radio Goggles"(Oracle Theatre): Nostalgic Triple-Play!

Back in the day, families huddled around the radio to tune in to their favorite serials.  They concentrated on voices and sounds to decipher the story. The visual was left to the imagination of each listener.  Everyone was listening to the same thing but seeing something different.  Until now!  Oracle Productions presents The Original Radio Goggles. Through... Read more »