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"Tunnel Rat" (Genesis Theatrical Productions): War Flashbacks Need to Go Deeper!

#71.  ‘I’m going to Disney World’ is such a happy statement.  ‘I’m going to Vietnam’ is just the opposite for me.  Thirty plus years after the war ended, I still associate Vietnam with negativity.  I have friends who have vacationed there and describe its beauty.  Maybe it’s because my dad served in Vietnam or the... Read more »

"The Foreigner" (Provision Theater): Adorable!

"The Foreigner" (Provision Theater):  Adorable!
#32.  I am still haunted by a Flannery O’Connor story that I read thirty years ago.  “The Displaced Person” is about a foreigner transplanted to Georgia as a farmhand.  He is treated as an outcast.  He keeps to himself.  People hate him because they don’t know who is.  And the ending… yikes! Provision Theater presents The Foreigner.  Charlie is... Read more »

"House of Yes" (20% Theatre Company): So No-No Wrong, It's Yes-Yes Right!

Going to someone’s house for dinner is always an interesting exploration of family values.  I’ve been a guest where conversation is sparse and surface.  And then experienced the opposite where the meal is a screaming war zone.  I’m mystified by too much silverware or scraping plates at the table.  Everybody’s family sups a little differently. ... Read more »