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"The Wheel" (Steppenwolf Theatre): WTF?

"The Wheel" (Steppenwolf Theatre):  WTF?
Steppenwolf Theatre presents the American premiere of THE WHEEL. My initial reaction to this show was ‘I don’t know what to think.’ Undoubtedly, this is the biggest spectacle I’ve ever seen on Steppenwolf’s stage.  Director Tina Landau doesn’t just contain the action to the stage.  Landau rips out the backdrop and uses the backstage bowels. ... Read more »

"Creditors" (Remy Bumppo): 'Comedy with a Vengeance'?! ...yeah, not so much

"Creditors" (Remy Bumppo):  'Comedy with a Vengeance'?!  ...yeah, not so much
Remy Bumppo Think Theatre presents Creditors. Three artists + two marriages = one big mess. Adolph is a temperamental painter. Gustav is a headstrong writer. Tekla is a flirtatious writer. Adolph worries that his wife doesn’t respect him and may be cheating on him. Gustav builds Adolph’s distrust with wild theories and accusations. Gustav pushes... Read more »

"The Letters" (Writers' Theatre): Superb Intellectual Thriller

"The Letters" (Writers' Theatre):  Superb Intellectual Thriller
Writers Theatre presents the Midwest premiere of THE LETTERS.  It’s 1930s Russia. Anna has been summoned by her boss.  The morning visit starts out awkwardly business casual.  The Director claims that he wants to get to know her.  He asks her random but targeted questions.  Anna responds with succinct but vague answers. The Director appears... Read more »

WANT (Steppenwolf Theatre): First Look!

Time Out Theatre Editor Kris Vire told me once that he always inserts into his hectic review schedule new companies and new shows.  Despite being in demand on the established theatre season circuit, Kris likes to be in the audience for inaugural productions.  He wants to see the next big thing when it launches… new actor, new... Read more »

"In The Next Room or the vibrator play" (Victory Gardens): Charmingly Orgasmic!

"In The Next Room or the vibrator play" (Victory Gardens):  Charmingly Orgasmic!
  My friend Taya is provocative.  She typically mentions masturbation in the first ten minutes of any discourse.  Her voluptuous presence fills the room with a Mae West meets Samantha Jones prowess.  Her explicit flirtations can’t be mistaken.  Introducing her to your boyfriend is like waving a steak in front of a cougar.  Although I’ve... Read more »

Review "Stage Kiss": Perfect Expression of Acting Like You're in Love!

Audio Podcast at ITUNES  Chicago Theatre Reviews for Week of May 13th   Narrated by Joshua Volkers Goodman Theatre presents STAGE KISSAt 170 N. DearbornWritten by Sarah RuhlDirected by Jessica ThebusTuesdays and Wednesdays at 7:30pmThursdays and Sundays at 2pm and 7:30pmFridays at 8pmSaturdays at 2pm and 8pmBuy TicketsRunning Time:  Two hours and twenty minutes includes an... Read more »