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"Side Effects May Include..." (MadKap Productions): A Pleasant Buzz!

"Side Effects May Include..." (MadKap Productions):  A Pleasant Buzz!
MadKap Productions presents SIDE EFFECTS MAY INCLUDE…. .  Phil is a stand-up comic.  His job is to be funny.  People pay him to make them laugh.  When his wife is diagnosed with Parkinson’s, his life gets real serious, real fast.  Where’s the joke in a debilitating disease? What’s so amusing about taking drugs?  SIDE EFFECTS... Read more »

"Clutter" (MadKap Productions): Visual Filthy Ick and Sweet Brotherly Shtick!

#12.  I’m an obsessive compulsive minimalist.  I don’t like clutter!  I have no collections.  I discard junk with a garbage sensibility.  My friends and family don’t strive for the same un-adornment.  Usually, their daily life choices don’t effect me. But, their true hoarding nature becomes troublesome when I’m helping them move.  I threw out seven... Read more »