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"Broken Fences" (16th Street Theater): Mind-Broadening!

"Broken Fences" (16th Street Theater):  Mind-Broadening!
16th Street Theater presents Broken Fences. Three artistic directors, Ann Filmer (16th Street), Ilesa Duncan (Pegasus Players), and Daniel Bryant (Congo Square) unite for this multi-layered look at a neighborhood’s footprint in the past, present and future. Read the rest of my review at Chicago Theater Beat.

"Rooms: a rock romance" (Broken Nose Theatre): Love Rocks!

"Rooms: a rock romance" (Broken Nose Theatre): Love Rocks!
Broken Nose Theatre presents ROOMS: a rock romance W.I.T.!  The character Monica keeps announcing ‘Whatever It Takes‘ to her cohort Ian in their climb from obscurity to fame.  Life imitates art as Matt Deitchman (Ian) and Hillary Marren (Monica) certainly do whatever it took to actualize this play.  Even with the cranked Collaboraction Theatre air conditioning inside, the steamy 97... Read more »

"Maria/Stuart" (Sideshow Theatre): Quirky to Whacked Out!

"Maria/Stuart" (Sideshow Theatre):  Quirky to Whacked Out!
Sideshow Theatre presents the Chicago premiere of Maria/Stuart. Grandma Ruthie uses dementia to grow old hatefully. The crusty old hag torments her family with unapologetic meanness. Her bitchy daughters Lizzie and Marnie have inherited their mom’s maternal skills. They smother and berate their own kids and each other’s. The third daughter Sylvia is the nice but crazy... Read more »

"Nickel History" (16th Street Theater and Firecat Productions): Playfully Nostalgic!

"Nickel History" (16th Street Theater and Firecat Productions):  Playfully Nostalgic!
#147.  In 2010, Tony Fitzpatrick drove This Train (our review) with in-your-face blustery arrogance. In 2011, a contemplative Fitzpatrick pulled into Stations Lost (review) with a companion and inspirational self discovery. Now, Fitzpatrick shares the stage with Stan Klein in a collaborative tribute to their dads in Nickel History. 16th Street Theater and Firecat Projectspresents Nickel History: The Nation of Heat.  Tony Fitzpatrick is an artist, a poet and... Read more »

"Crow" (Walkabout Theatre): Sher Rocks This Boat!

"Crow" (Walkabout Theatre): Sher Rocks This Boat!
#123.  My great aunt Meme use to talk to our dog.  And maybe more disturbing, she seemed to  hear a response.  These conversations always struck me as a little crazy.  I vowed never to grow up and have imaginary banter with nonhumans. But living alone changes everything. Sometimes, silence needs to be interrupted. Sometimes, hearing... Read more »

Review "Momma's Boyz" (Teatro Vista): Fascinating Deconstruction of Friendship

Review "Momma's Boyz" (Teatro Vista):  Fascinating Deconstruction of Friendship
At the most devastating moments in my life, I’m always baffled about how things got so out of control.  How did I let it happen?  Was it one pivotal moment that I chose this path to destruction?  Or was it a series of little things… ignoring this, going with that, picking one thing over the... Read more »

"The Ugly One" (Sideshow Theatre): Hideously Funny and Pretty Profound!

"The Ugly One" (Sideshow Theatre):  Hideously Funny and Pretty Profound!
Before he came out to his parents, my friend Dirk went out of his way to impress them.  He had a beautiful job, beautiful home, beautiful clothes.  When he heard they were coming to visit Chicago, he asked ME if I knew any beautiful girls that would fit into his beautiful life. Sideshow Theatre Company... Read more »

"Be A Good Little Widow" (Collaboraction Theatre): Grieves for Lost Potential

Many twenty-somethings struggle with the reality of post college life.  As student loans become due, these alumni sit stunted.  “What do I really want to be?”  Is the big question looking for resolution.  Never is the answer “a widow.”  Collaboraction Theatre presents the Chicago premiere of Be A Good Little Widow.  Melody is a new... Read more »

Review '1001': Scheherazade Conspiracy at Play

Collaboraction presents 1001At Chopin Theatre, 1543 W. DivisionWritten by Jason GroteDirected by Seth BockleyBuy TicketsThru October 9th Running Time:  Two hours and thirty minutes includes a ten minute intermission and a delayed start Reviewed by Katy Walsh ‘Everyone is a collection of stories.’ Change one person’s story and change a nation’s history.  Ah, the power... Read more »