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"Fulton Street Sessions" (TUTA Theatre Chicago): Party with Plenty of Innovation!

"Fulton Street Sessions" (TUTA Theatre Chicago):  Party with Plenty of Innovation!
#41.  My favorite part of the movie “Rachel Getting Married” is the minstrels.  In a household dealing with a sister getting wed and one getting sober, this folksy band add ongoing musical interludes.   It’s a group of jovial friends playing instruments on the porch, in the house, by the tent.  Despite all the crazy... Read more »

"Overweight, Unimportant: Misshape -A European Supper (Trap Door Theatre): Hungry for Controversy!

An attractive couple walks into a bar… No, it’s not the opening of a joke.  It’s the catalyst that bonds ordinary locals into bizarre misfits.  Trap Door Theatre presentsOVERWEIGHT, unimportant: MISSHAPE – A European Supper.  The usual suspects are getting their drink on.  Piggy and Bunny are knitting and sniping. Karlo is looking for a fight.  Herta... Read more »

Review "There is a Happiness that Morning is": Witty, Cerebral Love in the Big Outdoors

   Theatre Oobleck presents    There Is a Happiness that Morning Is     Written by Mickle Maher at DCA Storefront Theater, 66 E. Randolph (map) through May 22  |  tickets: pay what you can  |  more info Reviewed by Katy Walsh  The college watches two people have sex on the quad.  Shocking… especially because the public intercourse is between teachers who will enter courses the morning after.  Theatre... Read more »