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EXTENDED "Bang the Drum Slowly" (Raven Theatre): Male Bonding at Its Finest!

#114.  Men have always mystified me.  Having grown up with three sisters, I totally get every possible emotion for death, break-ups, or coupon expiration emitted by gals.  I don’t always understand what a man is thinking or feeling.  Their level of communication often is a grunt, a shrug, or a ‘whatever’.  My ‘How do you... Read more »

Review "The Winter's Tale": Icy Betrayal Melts into Warm Ending!

Purblind Ensemble, in association with the Alluvium Group, presentsTHE WINTER’S TALE At River Lofts, 2147 S. LumberWritten by William ShakespeareDirected by Cooper ForsmanFebruary 25th, 26th, 27th at 8pm Running Time:  One hundred minutes with no intermission Reviewed by Katy Walsh ‘A fright story is the best kind of winter’s tale,’ says the Queen to the... Read more »