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EXTENDED Thru Nov 23 "Motortown" (Steep Theatre): Steep's Signature Move Kicked Up A Knotch

EXTENDED Thru Nov 23 "Motortown" (Steep Theatre):  Steep's Signature Move Kicked Up A Knotch
The hallmark of a Steep production is its ability to fuse the audience to emotion.  Steep chooses edgy stories.  The ensemble spirals into angst-driven turmoil.  The intimate theatre space forces an amalgamation of performer and audience.  There is no fourth wall.  It’s more like an invisible flimsy blanket.  A Steep audience feels what the character... Read more »

"Fallow" (Steep Theatre): Timely and Truthful

"Fallow" (Steep Theatre):  Timely and Truthful
Steep Theatre presents the Midwest Premiere of FALLOW. Kenneth Lin’s Chicago debut is incredibly timely in the wake of the Zimmerman verdict.  A young boy is killed because of an assailant’s assumption.  Would it make a difference if he was white?  And why should it?  In Lin’s story, the victim is white.  And all the... Read more »

"Flare Path" (Griffin Theatre): Romantic Casualties of War

"Flare Path" (Griffin Theatre):  Romantic Casualties of War
Griffin Theatre Company presents FLARE PATH.  It’s WWII. The Falcon Hotel is on the edge of the Royal Air Force (RAF) base.  It’s the ideal location for servicemen to have reunion visits with their wives.  Teddy’s wife Patricia just arrived from London.  She is an actress in-between plays.  Teddy’s romantic plans are thwarted when a... Read more »

Neighborhood 3 Requisition of Doom (Strawdog Theatre): Run-for-your-life Terrifyingly Surreal

Neighborhood 3 Requisition of Doom (Strawdog Theatre):  Run-for-your-life Terrifyingly Surreal
Risk is a board game of world domination.  My family used to play it until my mom banned it.  It always started out good natured but then alliances formed and dissolved. War broke out on the board and in the room.  At some point, we lost sight of reality as we killed to win. Strawdog Theatre opens... Read more »

"Hunger" (Lifeline Theatre): Gnaws at Me!

"Hunger" (Lifeline Theatre): Gnaws at Me!
#33. When I think about the catastrophic events of World War II, I conjure up snapshots from ‘Night and Fog,’ a French documentary showcasing concentration camps.  I still have nightmares of the living corpses, rooms of hair, and bulldozed bodies.  The attempted genocide of the Jewish people is always my first association with Hitler’s evil... Read more »

"Love and Money" (Steep Theatre): Steep Does Masterpiece Theatre!

#11.  ‘What I did for love, what I did for love.‘  Romantics versus capitalists?  There’s no contest.  Public support favors people’s idiotic antics in pursuit of love.  It’s easy to get behind some fool whipped into a frenzy over a guy or gal.  What wouldn’t you do for someone you loved?  How much of yourself... Read more »

WANT (Steppenwolf Theatre): First Look!

Time Out Theatre Editor Kris Vire told me once that he always inserts into his hectic review schedule new companies and new shows.  Despite being in demand on the established theatre season circuit, Kris likes to be in the audience for inaugural productions.  He wants to see the next big thing when it launches… new actor, new... Read more »

"PORNOGRAPHY" (Steep Theatre): Thought-Provoking Porn!

"PORNOGRAPHY" (Steep Theatre):  Thought-Provoking Porn!
What can I say about porn?  Sometimes, it’s an artistic expression capturing the naked human spirit.  Other times, it’s visual stimulation created to initiate a primal reaction.  All the time, it’s subject to interpretation. Steep Theatre presents the Midwest Premiere of PORNOGRAPHY.  It’s London, July 2005. A recent announcement confirmed the 2012 Olympics would be... Read more »

Review "State of the Union": Political Games Still in Play -64 Years later!

Strawdog Theatre Company presents STATE OF THE UNIONAt 3829 N. BroadwayWritten by Russel Crouse and Howard LindseyDirected by Geoff ButtonFridays and Saturdays at 8pm, Saturdays at 4pm, Sundays at 7pmThru November 13th Buy TicketsRunning Time:  Two hours and forty-five minutes includes 2 (ten minute) intermissions Reviewed by Katy Walsh Democrats verses Republicans, power of the... Read more »

Review "Harper Regan" at Steep Theatre: Thulin Rulin' for Extended Run!

Steep Theatre Co. presents Harper Regan  1115 W. Berwyn Avenue Written by Simon Stephens Directed by Robin Witt Thru April 25th Buy Tickets Running away from home is an impulsive act reserved for kids. Or is it? At 41, Harper gets on a plane and leaves her life. Steep Theatre Co. presents Harper Regan. Playwright... Read more »