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EXTENDED Thru Dec 14 "Appropriate" (Victory Gardens): Marvelously Inappropriate

EXTENDED Thru Dec 14 "Appropriate" (Victory Gardens):  Marvelously Inappropriate
182 Victory Gardens Theatre, in association with Actors Theatre of Louisville, presents the co-World Premiere of APPROPRIATE.  I’ve never really liked the word ‘appropriate.’  The label is thrown around with confident ease to judge improper behavior.  The wrinkle is the verdict is purely subjective.  In this new work, Playwright Branden Jacobs-Jenkins makes that point numerous times... Read more »

"American Wee-Pie" (Rivendell Theatre): Scrumptious!

"American Wee-Pie" (Rivendell Theatre):  Scrumptious!
Rivendell Theatre Ensemble presents the world premiere of AMERICAN WEE-PIE.  Zed’s mom died.  He returns to his childhood home to bury her.  He runs into Linz, a former classmate.  She happily rattles on about the comings and goings of others from their youth.  He doesn’t remember any of the people.  He is not connected to... Read more »

EXTENDED Thru Nov 17 "Good People" (Steppenwolf Theatre): Sublime Ensemble

EXTENDED Thru Nov 17 "Good People" (Steppenwolf Theatre):  Sublime Ensemble
I have cried in the theatre during a moving play.  But I’ve never wept on the train on the way home after a moving play. Steppenwolf Theatre presents GOOD PEOPLE.  Margie just got fired.  Rent is due.  No one is hiring.  And her thirty year old mentally retarded daughter has special needs.  She hears her... Read more »

Review "MIDDLETOWN": City of Angles Doesn't Make a Block...buster!

I like e-vites.  They save the environment and give you access to the guest list.  My commitment rests on the *YES* of others.  If the confirmed guests look entertaining, the party has a guarantee to rock.  BUT sometimes, no matter how promising the attendee list is, the party isn’t quite the anticipated soiree.  Steppenwolf Theatre... Read more »

Review "God of Carnage": Divine Comedic Massacre

Goodman Theatre presents GOD OF CARNAGE At 170 N. Dearborn Written by Yasmina Reza Directed by Rick Snyder Wednesdays, Thursdays, Sundays at 7:30pm Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm Thursdays, Saturdays, Sundays at 2pm Thru April 10th Buy Tickets  Running Time:  Ninety minutes with no intermission Reviewed by Katy Walsh ‘Children consume our lives and then... Read more »