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"The Mother" (Oracle Productions): Truax's Heart-pounding Triumph

"The Mother" (Oracle Productions):  Truax's Heart-pounding Triumph
This MOTHER blew me away! Oracle Productions presents a musical by Bertolt Brecht, THE MOTHER. First, it’s a spectacle from entry.  The theatre has been converted to a workhouse.  The intimate space is filled with long, high tables.  The audience sits around the tables on stools.  On the front and back walls, black and white... Read more »

Review "Ironmistress" (Oracle Theatre): A MACHINE!

#1.        I’m just a love machine              So give me motivation            I’m just a love machine  -Arctic Monkeys Love machine.  Sex machine.  These are today’s positive terms to describe optimal performance.  The *machine* is a person who goes beyond human levels to exceed... Read more »

Review "50 WORDS": Describes Marriage Deconstruction with Shocking Intimacy

Audio Podcast at ITUNES  Chicago Theatre Reviews for Week of May 20th   Narrated by Joshua Volkers   Profiles Theatre presents50 WORDSAt 4147 N. Broadway Written by Michael WellerDirected by Joe JahrausThursdays and Fridays at 8pmSaturdays at 5pm and 8pmSundays at 7pmThru June 26th Buy TicketsRunning Time:  Ninety minutes with no intermission. Reviewed by Katy Walsh... Read more »