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"Northanger Abbey" (Remy Bumppo): The Price is Right!

"Northanger Abbey" (Remy Bumppo):  The Price is Right!
The name Jane Austen is synonymous with romance.  “Sense and Sensibility” and “Emma” are well-known examples of the author’s commitment to describing 18th Century courtship.  Along with her fondness for young women’s marital quests, Austen’s writings also built in a strong social commentary. Her love stories involved surmounting economic class and societal expectations.  And now her legendary... Read more »

"The Whale" (Victory Gardens): Extraordinary!

"The Whale" (Victory Gardens):  Extraordinary!
Victory Gardens presents the Midwest premiere of THE WHALE.  Charlie is fat.  He weighs about 600+ pounds. He is stuck -literally- on his couch. And he’s dying of congestive heart failure.  His only contact with the outside world are his online writing students and his friend that’s a nurse.  Two new people stumble in his... Read more »

"Luther" (Steep Theatre): Who is that guy?

"Luther" (Steep Theatre):  Who is that guy?
Steep Theatre presents the Midwest premiere of LUTHER.  The Foremans adopted Luther.  He is a volatile son with public displays of rage.  He is also a grown man.    Marjorie and Walter have brought into their home an emotionally disturbed war veteran.  They love him.  And he loves them.  It’s a sexless menage a trois. ... Read more »

Neighborhood 3 Requisition of Doom (Strawdog Theatre): Run-for-your-life Terrifyingly Surreal

Neighborhood 3 Requisition of Doom (Strawdog Theatre):  Run-for-your-life Terrifyingly Surreal
Risk is a board game of world domination.  My family used to play it until my mom banned it.  It always started out good natured but then alliances formed and dissolved. War broke out on the board and in the room.  At some point, we lost sight of reality as we killed to win. Strawdog Theatre opens... Read more »

"The Receptionist" (Steep Theatre): Comedy Turns Thriller

"The Receptionist" (Steep Theatre):  Comedy Turns Thriller
#79.  In meetings, I like to take the seat facing the door.  I enter the conference room quickly and mark my territory with my well-known coffee mug.  With my back to the wall and facing the unknown, I’m ready for whatever may go down.  It’s part paranoia and part fantasy escape.  Sometimes, the only thing... Read more »

"The Girl in the Yellow Dress" (Next Theatre): Simplistically, Complex Stunner!

"The Girl in the Yellow Dress" (Next Theatre):  Simplistically, Complex Stunner!
#16.  So this guy approached me in the dairy section of the grocery store.  Initially, he asked me my favorite yogurt brand.  I brushed it off with ‘whatever I have a coupon for’ and kept moving down the aisle.  He started following me.  He said that he had been noticing me in the neighborhood.  He... Read more »

"Ask Aunt Susan" (Goodman Theatre): Bockley's Internet Indentity Crisis

To transition from Thanksgiving to December, my family’s tradition is to follow the turkey with a little “Christmas in Connecticut.”  The 1940’s Barbara Stanwyck movie has a successful writer tantalizing the country with her gourmet recipes and picture perfect homelife.  When a war hero needs a holiday treat, the publisher invites him to his staffer’s... Read more »

"The Kid Thing" (About Face Theatre): Smart Script more than Baby Talk!

  Tick tock!  A thirty-something woman hears the escalating sounds of a stopwatch counting down her reproductive days.  Multiply this by four women in committed relationships, the deafening noise is a real cluster-clock!  About Face Theatre andChicago Dramatists present The Kid Thing.  Good friends gather for a casual dinner party.  They debate Michael Jackson’s merits as a parent.  What... Read more »

Review "A Brief History of Helen of Troy": Not So Pretty Dark Comedy

Steep Theatre presentsA BRIEF HISTORY OF HELEN OF TROY Written by Mark SchultzDirected by Joanie SchultzThru  October 30th Buy TicketsRunning time:  One hour and forty minutes with no intermission   Reviewed by Katy Walsh   ‘Porn and I are a good match.’  A teenage girl tries to get her guidance counselor on board with her... Read more »

Review "The Ring Cycle": This Ring IS a Prize!

The Building Stage presents The Ring Cycle At 412 N. Carpenter Adapted from the operas of Richard Wagner Directed by Blake Montgomery and Joanie Schultz Saturdays and Sundays thru March 21st Special Monday performance on February 22nd Buy Tickets Running Time: Six hours includes two ten minute intermissions and a forty-five minute dinner break  ... Read more »