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"The Little Prince" (Lookingglass Theatre): Fantasy Turned Spectacle

"The Little Prince" (Lookingglass Theatre):  Fantasy Turned Spectacle
196 Lookingglass Theatre, in association with The Actors Gymnasium, presents THE LITTLE PRINCE. The novella Le Petit Prince was first published in 1943.  Since it’s genesis, the children’s book has been translated into over 250 languages and dialects.  The classic tale is about a lost aviator meeting a young prince from another world.  The prince... Read more »

"Birthday Party" (Steppenwolf Theatre): Perverse Party of the Year

"Birthday Party" (Steppenwolf Theatre):  Perverse Party of the Year
Steppenwolf Theatre presents BIRTHDAY PARTY.  Stanley is a recluse hiding out in a vacant boarding house.  His married landlady is a lunatic.  She smothers him with maternal and flirtatious affection.  And she has decided to throw him a surprise birthday party. The guest list is short.  His landlord isn’t even attending because of a weekly... Read more »

"The March" (Steppenwolf Theatre): Part History, Part Saga and All Spectacle

  #82.  Spring in Chicago 2012 will be remembered as epic.  Three of the major theatre companies are mounting large ensemble productions.  Court premiered Angels in America -Part 1 & 2.  Goodman is in final rehearsals for The Iceman Cometh.  And overon Halsted… Steppenwolf Theatre presents the world premiere of The March.  It’s the Civil War in 1864.  General William... Read more »

"Penelope" (Steppenwolf Theatre): The Ugly Side of Men

"Penelope" (Steppenwolf Theatre): The Ugly Side of Men
I love men.  Wars, Nascar, fantasy football… I don’t always *get* men but I love them.  They are complicated.  They compete.  They want to win.  They want the corner office, the championship ring, the trophy wife.  They want the best.  But why?  What is more important:  the quest or the prize? Steppenwolf Theatre presents PENELOPE.  Four... Read more »

Review "Endgame": Beckett's Profound Absurdity

Steppenwolf Theatre presents ENDGAMEAt 1650 N. HalstedBy Samuel BeckettDirected by Frank GalatiThru June 6th Buy TicketsRunning Time:  Seventy-five minutes with no intermission ‘Ending is the beginning.’  ‘Time is zero.’  ‘Nothing is funnier than unhappiness.’  Nobel Prize-winning playwright Samuel Beckett penned a one act play with moments of profound absurdity.  Steppenwolf Theatre presents ENDGAME directed by... Read more »