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"If You Give A Cat A Cupcake" (Emerald City Theatre): Tasty Family Treat!

There is nothing odd about a chocolate frosted cupcake.  It’s ordinary.  When a cat adds on the sprinkles, the ordinary gets pretty wacky!  Emerald City Theatre presents If You Give a Cat a Cupcake.  A little girl is bored.  She wants her dad to play with her.  He has to work.  When she gives her... Read more »

"PINKALICIOUS" (Emerald City Theatre) Prepare to be Tickled Pink!

“Just one more” is often the difference between satisfied and regret.  It’s the last happy thought before something bad happens.  In a startling example of you-are-what-you-eat, a little girl has one too many pink cupcakes.  Emerald City Theatre brings Pinkalicious to the Broadway Playhouse at Water Tower Place. The Pinkertons are an average, every-day family.  Dad is at work. ... Read more »

Review "The True Story of The 3 Little Pigs!" at Emerald City Theatre: Hamming It Up for the Over Five Set

Emerald City Theatre presents: The True Story of the Three Pigs By Jon Scieszka and Lane SmithAdapted by Alyn CardarelliDirected by Ernie NolanThru March 25th (ticket info) By Katy Walsh The media investigates a double ham-icide. Emerald City Theatre presents The True Story of the Three Pigs. The play starts where the three pigs fairytale... Read more »