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"The Ghost is Here" (Vitalist Theatre): Sanchez is a powerful ghost whisperer!

"The Ghost is Here" (Vitalist Theatre):  Sanchez is a powerful ghost whisperer!
#6.  “American Horror Story,” “Sixth Sense,” “Ghosterbusters 1 & 2”… I do believe in ghosts.  I can get behind all the occult hocus-pocus.  In fact, I have promised to haunt certain people from the afterlife.  Why not?  If I enjoy hanging with someone now, death shouldn’t separate us. Vitalist Theatre, in conjunction with DCA Storefront... Read more »

Review '1001': Scheherazade Conspiracy at Play

Collaboraction presents 1001At Chopin Theatre, 1543 W. DivisionWritten by Jason GroteDirected by Seth BockleyBuy TicketsThru October 9th Running Time:  Two hours and thirty minutes includes a ten minute intermission and a delayed start Reviewed by Katy Walsh ‘Everyone is a collection of stories.’ Change one person’s story and change a nation’s history.  Ah, the power... Read more »

Review "Welcome to Arroyo": DJ Duo is Rapper's Delight!

American Theater Company presents WELCOME TO ARROYO1909 W. Byron StreetWritten by Kristoffer DiazDirected by Jaime CastenedaThru May 16th Buy TicketsRunning Time:  Two hours and fifteen minutes includes a ten minute delay start and ten minute intermission. By Katy Walsh Tupac, Grandmaster Flash, Kool Herc, Raina Rae?   The hip-hop culture started in the South Bronx in... Read more »

Review "Wilson Wants It All": House Delivers Hope!

The House Theatre of Chicago presents Wilson Wants It All At The Chopin Theatre 1543 W. Division Written by Michael Rohd and Phillip C. Klapperich Conceived and Directed by Michael Rohd Thru March 27th Buy Tickets Running Time: Two hours and twenty minutes includes a ten minute intermission and fifteen minute delayed start. It’s 2040.... Read more »