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"Belleville" (Steppenwolf Theatre): Thriller? Drama? Comedy?

"Belleville" (Steppenwolf Theatre):  Thriller? Drama? Comedy?
Steppenwolf Theatre presents the World Premiere of Belleville.  Playwright Amy Herzog’s debut is a head scratcher.  On one hand, the acting is so genuine I’m pulled into this couple’s codependent relationship.  Kate Arrington (Abby) and Cliff Chamberlain (Zack) are a couple.  Their history is immediately apparent in the familiar teasing, finishing each other’s stories and... Read more »

"Iron Stag King -Part One (The House Theatre): Must See for Evolving Trilogy!

"Iron Stag King -Part One (The House Theatre): Must See for Evolving Trilogy!
I love a good quest!  Unexpected heroes trying to save the world from evil.  Harry Potter vs Lord Voldemort.  Luke Skywalker vs Darth Vader.  Frodo Baggins vs Lord Sauron. Indiana Jones vs Nazis. Katniss vs The Capitol. With all those dark forces in the universe, it’s reassuring to have a steadfast wizard, Jedi, hobbit, professor,... Read more »

"The March" (Steppenwolf Theatre): Part History, Part Saga and All Spectacle

  #82.  Spring in Chicago 2012 will be remembered as epic.  Three of the major theatre companies are mounting large ensemble productions.  Court premiered Angels in America -Part 1 & 2.  Goodman is in final rehearsals for The Iceman Cometh.  And overon Halsted… Steppenwolf Theatre presents the world premiere of The March.  It’s the Civil War in 1864.  General William... Read more »