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"Bud, Not Buddy" (Chicago Children's Theatre): Joyful Weeper!

"Bud, Not Buddy" (Chicago Children's Theatre):  Joyful Weeper!
Chicago Children’s Theatre presents Bud, Not Buddy.  Bud is a ten year old growing up in the Depression Era. Life has been rough for him.  His mama died four years ago.  The boys at the orphanage bully him.  Then, when his new foster family lock him in a shed, Bud decides to hit the road.  He’s leaving... Read more »

"Wrens" (Rivendell Theatre): Loved These Birds!

"Wrens" (Rivendell Theatre):  Loved These Birds!
#179.  When I applied to college, we had to fill out an extensive questionnaire to be used for our dorm assignment.  It was a personality analysis.  It asked specific questions about life philosophies and sleeping habits.  The screening was thoroughly intimate.  When we arrived at school, we realized the matching was a little less scientific: ... Read more »

EXTENDED Thru March 11th "Megacosm" (A Red Orchid Theatre): Sci-Fi, Corporate Corruption, Comedy!

#9.  When I got the collateral press material on Megacosm, there wasn’t a lot of description.  When I chatted with Playwright Brett Neveu a couple days before the premiere, there wasn’t a lot of description.  When I saw Megacosm, there was a surprise with ‘stunning implications!’ A Red Orchid Theatre presents the world premiere of Megacosm.  Chris has a new invention. ... Read more »