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"The Mother" (Oracle Productions): Truax's Heart-pounding Triumph

"The Mother" (Oracle Productions):  Truax's Heart-pounding Triumph
This MOTHER blew me away! Oracle Productions presents a musical by Bertolt Brecht, THE MOTHER. First, it’s a spectacle from entry.  The theatre has been converted to a workhouse.  The intimate space is filled with long, high tables.  The audience sits around the tables on stools.  On the front and back walls, black and white... Read more »

"Accidental Death of an Anarchist" (Oracle Theatre): :(

"Accidental Death of an Anarchist" (Oracle Theatre):  :(
Oracle Theatre presents Accidental Death of an Anarchist.  A man was killed falling or being pushed out of a fourth floor window.  The situation is even more dramatic knowing that it was the fourth floor of a police station in Milan.  And the window was in the interrogation room. Down below, The Maniac has been arrested for... Read more »

"The Sandman" (Oracle Theatre): Thoroughly Engrossing Oddity!

"The Sandman" (Oracle Theatre):  Thoroughly Engrossing Oddity!
#129.  When I was a kid, my mom use to tell me, “Be good!  Santa’s birds are watching.”  Mom had this year-round imaginary surveillance set up on my sisters and me.  It had all the right scare tactics and limitless capabilities.  It used the Christmas incentive reward.  And birds are everywhere.  I look at birds... Read more »

"THE MAIDS" (Oracle Theatre): Gripping, Psycho Thriller!

"THE MAIDS" (Oracle Theatre):  Gripping, Psycho Thriller!
#58.  I quit my first career job after 6 years.  My boss was the most shrewd businessman I had ever met.  At first, I was mesmerized by his charisma. I adored him.  Later, he used his business tactics to put me in my place. I abhorred him.  So, on the eve of my big going... Read more »

Review "Ironmistress" (Oracle Theatre): A MACHINE!

#1.        I’m just a love machine              So give me motivation            I’m just a love machine  -Arctic Monkeys Love machine.  Sex machine.  These are today’s positive terms to describe optimal performance.  The *machine* is a person who goes beyond human levels to exceed... Read more »

"Radio Goggles"(Oracle Theatre): Nostalgic Triple-Play!

Back in the day, families huddled around the radio to tune in to their favorite serials.  They concentrated on voices and sounds to decipher the story. The visual was left to the imagination of each listener.  Everyone was listening to the same thing but seeing something different.  Until now!  Oracle Productions presents The Original Radio Goggles. Through... Read more »

Review "Blood Wedding": Death is the Ultimate Wedding Crasher!

Oracle Productions presents BLOOD WEDDINGAt 3809 N. BroadwayWritten by Federico Garcia LorcaTranslated by Michael Dewell and Carmen ZapataDirected by Ben FuchsenFridays & Saturdays at 8pm, Sundays at 7pm thru November 20th RESERVE TICKETS*Running Time:  Two hours includes a delayed start and fifteen minute intermission Reviewed by Katy Walsh ‘You must not talk about the past!’... Read more »

Review "The Castle" at Oracle Theatre: The Castle Closes March 6th

Oracle Production presents The Castle By Howard Barker Co-directed by Ben Fuchsen and Justin Warren Thru March 6th 3809 N. Broadway Buy Tickets How big is it? Oracle Production presents The Castle by Howard Barker. Known for his theatre of catastrophe and sexual perversion, Barker has penned a raunchy satire depicting a moment in history... Read more »