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"Tribes" (Steppenwolf Theatre): Multi-layered Opus

"Tribes" (Steppenwolf Theatre):  Multi-layered Opus
Steppenwolf Theatre presents the Chicago premiere of TRIBES. At first hearing, TRIBES sounds like an R-rated Hallmark Channel movie.  Its focus seems dedicated to building sensitivity towards deaf people.  A family of intellectuals realizes they have excluded one of their own.  Their rapid-fire dialogue, riddled with inside jokes and elitist snobbery, omits the hearing impaired... Read more »

"Uncle Bob" (Mary Arrchie Theatre): Needs Heat

"Uncle Bob" (Mary Arrchie Theatre):  Needs Heat
Playwright Austin Pendleton ‘goes there’ in his tip-toe-through-taboo-territory.  Pendleton explores the long-term connectivity of two men. Uncle Bob is a cantankerous hermit. Josh is his highly-agitated nephew.  Their relationship is built on raw honesty and a tortured kinship.  They spar with intellectual acidity.  Both men believe they are ‘uncompromising failures.‘  They are stuck together in a misery-loves-company... Read more »

"Birthday Party" (Steppenwolf Theatre): Perverse Party of the Year

"Birthday Party" (Steppenwolf Theatre):  Perverse Party of the Year
Steppenwolf Theatre presents BIRTHDAY PARTY.  Stanley is a recluse hiding out in a vacant boarding house.  His married landlady is a lunatic.  She smothers him with maternal and flirtatious affection.  And she has decided to throw him a surprise birthday party. The guest list is short.  His landlord isn’t even attending because of a weekly... Read more »

"Time Stands Still" (Steppenwolf Theatre): Not Quite Picture Perfect!

"Time Stands Still" (Steppenwolf Theatre):  Not Quite Picture Perfect!
#20.  A starving child and vulture photograph has haunted me for 25+ years.  The photographer captured a startling image.  The bird was waiting for the kid to die.  The prize-winning picture was truly thought-provoking.  It illustrated severe hunger in far corners of the earth. The powerful imagery also made people question if a vulture took the... Read more »

Review "Detroit": Reverse Intervention is One Riotous Party!

Steppenwolf Theatre presents DETROITAt 1650 N. HalstedWritten by Lisa D’AmourDirected by Austin PendletonBuy TicketsThru November 7th Running time:  One hour and forty minutes with no intermission Reviewed by Katy Walsh ‘Does anybody borrow a cup of sugar anymore?’  A new play by Lisa D’Amour redefines ‘being neighborly’ for the modern era.  Steppenwolf Theatre presents DETROIT.  ... Read more »