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"Broken Glass" (Redwist Theatre): Fragments of Drama

"Broken Glass" (Redwist Theatre):  Fragments of Drama
Redtwist Theatre presents BROKEN GLASS.  It’s 1938.  In Poland, Nazis are destroying Jewish homes and storefronts in the historic Kristallnacht.  In Brooklyn, a woman mysteriously collapses.  Sylvia is paralyzed from the waist down.  The doctors can’t find anything medically wrong with her.  Her husband is distraught.  Her physician is intrigued.  And she is obsessed… with... Read more »

"The Price" (Raven Theatre): Writing, Acting, Directing Makes "The Price" Right!

#50. Family ties bind.  Being tethered to something substantial with a past and a future can be comforting.  Sometimes, the rope can threaten to choke the life out of you.  Other times, the connection can be so frayed and worn that one good yank could sever it forever. Raven Theatre presents The Price.  Victor has always... Read more »

Review "A Memory of Two Mondays": Unforgettable!

Eclipse Theatre presents A MEMORY OF TWO MONDAYSAt Greenhouse Theatre, 2257 N. LincolnWritten by Arthur MillerDirected by Steven FedorukThru October 17th Buy TicketsRunning Time:  Eighty minutes with no intermission Reviewed by Katy Walsh ‘How is it me that gets out?’  A college-bound boy contemplates his exit from the mouse race.  In the finale of their... Read more »

See "The Tallest Man" "After The Fall" Before August 22nd!

You don’t need to choose between the Irish and Communists.  See both.  Two productions closing this weekend: Jim Lynch’s The Tallest Man at The Artistic Home. Arthur Miller’s “After The Fall” at Eclipse Theatre.       

Review "After The Fall": A Swift Flawless Plunge into Revelation

Eclipse Theatre presents AFTER THE FALL At Greenhouse Theatre, 2257 N. Lincoln Written by Arthur Miller Directed by Steve Scott Thru August 22nd Buy Tickets Running Time:  Three hours includes a ten minute intermission   Reviewed by Katy Walsh   In a lifetime of memories, what kinds of insignificant moments of significance haunt an existence?... Read more »

Going up this weekend: Emperor verses Aida in a Parallelogram until After The Fall

JULY 9th: Chicago Shakespeare Theatre opens world premiere family musical “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” July 10th:  Steppenwolf Theatre opens Bruce Norris’ play “Parallelogram.” July 10th:   Bailiwick Chicago opens Elton John composed “Aida.”    July 11th:  Eclipse Theatre opens Arthur Miller’s “After The Fall.”

Review "The Crucible": Heats Up Pure Gold!

Infamous Commonwealth Theatre The CrucibleAt the Raven Theatre Complex6157 N. Clark StreetWritten by Arthur MillerDirected by Chris MaherThru April 25th Call 312.458.9780 or email info@infamouscommonwealth.org to reserve your tickets. Running Time:  Two hours and forty minutes includes a ten minute intermission. The devil made me to do it.  I was possessed at the time.  Michelle... Read more »

Review "Resurrection Blues": Televised Crucifixion Coming Soon?

Eclipse Theatre presents Resurrection Blues Greenhouse Theatre 2257 N. LincolnWritten by Arthur MillerDirected by Nathaniel SwiftThru May 9th Buy TicketsRunning Time:  Two hours and ten minutes includes a ten minute intermission. Throughout the ages, people have displayed a morbid curiosity in viewing killings.  Beheaded, hanged, shot, burned alive, eaten by lions, one man’s assassination is... Read more »

Review "ALL MY SONS": Americana Mama Drama

All My SonsTimeline TheatreChicago, IllinoisAugust 27, 2009 Falling in love with the girl next door, sipping grape juice on the porch, Benny Goodman on the radio, All My Sons is set in the good old days, simpler times. I so wanted to join the Keller family in their backyard and perhaps un-shell a few peapods.... Read more »