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EXTENDED Thru July 14th "Brighton Beach Memoirs" (Raven Theatre): Homespun, Heartfelt Comedy

EXTENDED Thru July 14th "Brighton Beach Memoirs" (Raven Theatre):  Homespun, Heartfelt Comedy
Raven Theatre presents BRIGHTON BEACH MEMOIRS.   Playwright Neil Simon penned this ode to his childhood.  It’s the first of his Eugene trilogy that included “Biloxi Blues” and “Broadway Bound.” In BRIGHTON, Simon remembers growing up in a blended Jewish family pre-World War II.   Financial woes mingle with relational roles as the young narrator struggles... Read more »

"Boy Gets Girl" (Raven Theatre): Terrifyingly Excellent!

"Boy Gets Girl" (Raven Theatre):  Terrifyingly Excellent!
Raven Theatre presents BOY GETS GIRL.  Theresa goes on a blind date with Tony.  She’s just not that in to him.  So, after a second date, she tells him that she doesn’t want to go out with him.  He won’t accept that it’s over before it begins.  He starts to try to woo her with... Read more »

EXTENDED "Bang the Drum Slowly" (Raven Theatre): Male Bonding at Its Finest!

#114.  Men have always mystified me.  Having grown up with three sisters, I totally get every possible emotion for death, break-ups, or coupon expiration emitted by gals.  I don’t always understand what a man is thinking or feeling.  Their level of communication often is a grunt, a shrug, or a ‘whatever’.  My ‘How do you... Read more »

EXTENDS THRU January 14th "Bus Stop" (Raven Theatre): This Bus Keeps On Trucking!

Chicago knows from recent firsthand experience that a blizzard puts people in unexpected situations.  Being snowed in together makes friends… strangers, and strangers…friends. Unable to move on from unpleasant conditions, people become physically stuck.  Digging a way out doesn’t always mean a clean exit.  Raven Theatrepresents Bus Stop.  A blizzard strands a busload at the local diner. ... Read more »