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"9 Circles" (Sideshow Theatre): Must Be Seen

"9 Circles" (Sideshow Theatre):  Must Be Seen
Sideshow Theatre Company, in association with the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events, presents the Chicago premiere of 9 CIRCLES. Playwright Bill Cain’s story is set in 2006 Iraq but it could as easily be 2013 Syria.  The play’s underlying questions of ‘what is the USA doing? And why?’ are timely to today’s... Read more »

"The Electric Baby" (Rivendell Theatre): Illuminating!

"The Electric Baby" (Rivendell Theatre):  Illuminating!
Potatoes under the arms absorb odor. Whiskey soaked socks cure a cough. A banana peel on the head makes a headache go away. Stefanie Zadravec’s play immediately charms as Kathy Logelin (Natalia) shares homespun remedies for ailments. The no-nonsense, sage-like Logelin captivates with her old world knowledge. Perched on one side of the theatre, Logelin... Read more »

"Wrens" (Rivendell Theatre): Loved These Birds!

"Wrens" (Rivendell Theatre):  Loved These Birds!
#179.  When I applied to college, we had to fill out an extensive questionnaire to be used for our dorm assignment.  It was a personality analysis.  It asked specific questions about life philosophies and sleeping habits.  The screening was thoroughly intimate.  When we arrived at school, we realized the matching was a little less scientific: ... Read more »

EXTENDED AGAIN Thru May 27th "Bachelorette" (Profiles Theatre): Mean Girls Grown-up, Coked-up & F#cked-up!

EXTENDED AGAIN Thru May 27th "Bachelorette" (Profiles Theatre): Mean Girls Grown-up, Coked-up & F#cked-up!
#26.  I have been Maid of Honor – 4 times.  I have been a bridesmaid – 3 times.  I have been overweight – all the time. Profiles Theatre presents the Midwest premiere of Bachelorette.  Becky is getting married.  Her Maid of Honor decides to throw a wedding eve bash in Becky’s suite.  She invites Katie and Gena to... Read more »