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"Tribes" (Steppenwolf Theatre): Multi-layered Opus

"Tribes" (Steppenwolf Theatre):  Multi-layered Opus
Steppenwolf Theatre presents the Chicago premiere of TRIBES. At first hearing, TRIBES sounds like an R-rated Hallmark Channel movie.  Its focus seems dedicated to building sensitivity towards deaf people.  A family of intellectuals realizes they have excluded one of their own.  Their rapid-fire dialogue, riddled with inside jokes and elitist snobbery, omits the hearing impaired... Read more »

"Belleville" (Steppenwolf Theatre): Thriller? Drama? Comedy?

"Belleville" (Steppenwolf Theatre):  Thriller? Drama? Comedy?
Steppenwolf Theatre presents the World Premiere of Belleville.  Playwright Amy Herzog’s debut is a head scratcher.  On one hand, the acting is so genuine I’m pulled into this couple’s codependent relationship.  Kate Arrington (Abby) and Cliff Chamberlain (Zack) are a couple.  Their history is immediately apparent in the familiar teasing, finishing each other’s stories and... Read more »

EXTENDED Thru Nov 17 "Good People" (Steppenwolf Theatre): Sublime Ensemble

EXTENDED Thru Nov 17 "Good People" (Steppenwolf Theatre):  Sublime Ensemble
I have cried in the theatre during a moving play.  But I’ve never wept on the train on the way home after a moving play. Steppenwolf Theatre presents GOOD PEOPLE.  Margie just got fired.  Rent is due.  No one is hiring.  And her thirty year old mentally retarded daughter has special needs.  She hears her... Read more »

"Three Sisters" (Steppenwolf Theatre): The Real Housewives of Russia

"Three Sisters" (Steppenwolf Theatre): The Real Housewives of Russia
#146. Over twenty-five years ago, Julie and Tom moved from South Bend, Indiana to Rochester, New York.  The newlyweds were going to start their new life together and raise a family. Over the last quarter of a century, I see Julie every few years for a gal pal reunion.  Inevitably, she will bring up her... Read more »

"The March" (Steppenwolf Theatre): Part History, Part Saga and All Spectacle

  #82.  Spring in Chicago 2012 will be remembered as epic.  Three of the major theatre companies are mounting large ensemble productions.  Court premiered Angels in America -Part 1 & 2.  Goodman is in final rehearsals for The Iceman Cometh.  And overon Halsted… Steppenwolf Theatre presents the world premiere of The March.  It’s the Civil War in 1864.  General William... Read more »

EXTENDED Thru March 11th "DISGRACED" (American Theater Company): MUST SEE!

#22. When I was in Morocco, I was sensitive to the Muslim culture.  I stayed covered up.  I didn’t wear a burka but I did wear long sleeves, pants and a scarf around my neck.  One day on a crowded street, I got separated from my group.  A young local confronted me hissing and shrilling... Read more »

WANT (Steppenwolf Theatre): First Look!

Time Out Theatre Editor Kris Vire told me once that he always inserts into his hectic review schedule new companies and new shows.  Despite being in demand on the established theatre season circuit, Kris likes to be in the audience for inaugural productions.  He wants to see the next big thing when it launches… new actor, new... Read more »