January Openings

January, 2014 rings in with some new theatre offerings...

1.7.14  Ghost by Broadway in Chicago at Oriental Theatre (Kev-O)

1.9.14  Phantom of the Opera by Broadway in Chicago at Cadillac Theatre (JJV)

1.13.14  Solstice at A Red Orchid Theatre (JLH)

1.16.13  Hedda Gabler at Writers Theatre (RS)

1.17.14  Mr. Shaw Goes to Hollywood by MadCap Productions at Greenhouse Theatre (MNA)

1.18.14  Rasheeda Speaking at Rivendell Theatre (TEL)

1.21.14  Luck of the Irish at Next Theatre (CSW)

1.23.14  The Golden Dragon by Sideshow Theatre at Victory Gardens

1.24.14  Tennessee Williams Project by The Hypocrites at the Chopin Theatre (JLH)

1.25.14  Strangers, Babies at Steep Theatre (TEL)

1.27.14  Luna Gale at Goodman Theatre