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"The Balcony" (Trap Door Theatre): Surreal Eroticism

"The Balcony" (Trap Door Theatre): Surreal Eroticism
Outside there is a political revolution.  Inside there is the sexual revolution.  What happens when the two collide?  Playwright Jean Genet tells the tale of a brothel known for its fantasy roleplaying.  Guests act out desires and fetishes to escape. As the war rages outside, the clientele get their freak on at Madame Irma’s. It’s bawdy make-believe... Read more »

"Overweight, Unimportant: Misshape -A European Supper (Trap Door Theatre): Hungry for Controversy!

An attractive couple walks into a bar… No, it’s not the opening of a joke.  It’s the catalyst that bonds ordinary locals into bizarre misfits.  Trap Door Theatre presentsOVERWEIGHT, unimportant: MISSHAPE – A European Supper.  The usual suspects are getting their drink on.  Piggy and Bunny are knitting and sniping. Karlo is looking for a fight.  Herta... Read more »

EXTENDED "HAMLETMACHINE": Well-Oiled Deadly Sexy Fantasy

Trap Door Theatre presents HAMLETMACHINEWritten by Heiner MullerTranslated by Carl WeberMusic composed by Jonathan GuillenDirected by Max TruaxThursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 8pmThru February 26th Buy TicketsRunning Time:  Seventy minutes with no intermission Reviewed by Katy Walsh ‘I am Hamlet.’ I AM Hamlet.’ ‘I am HAMLET!’  To-be-or-not-to-be gets skewed when three guys claim they are the... Read more »

Review "Me too, I am Catherine Deneuve": Absolument fabuleux!

EXTENDS Thru December 4th Trap Door Theatre presents ME TOO, I AM CATHERINE DENEUVEAt 1655 W. CortlandWritten by Pierre NotteTranslated by David BradbyDirected by Valery WarnotteThursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 8pmThru November 20th Buy TicketsRunning Time:  Approximately ninety minutes with no intermission Reviewed by Katy Walsh ‘I’ll have what I want, when I want it.’... Read more »

"Me too" then "Company" before I "Kill" "Carmen"!

This weekend, it starts and ends with a diva! 10.14.10  Me to, I am Catherine Deneuve at Trap Door Theatre 10.15.10  Company by Griffin Theatre at Stage 773 10.16.10  To Kill a Mockingbird at Steppenwolf Theatre 10.16.10  Carmen at the Lyric Opera

Review "Chaste": Absurd Lunacy of Libido Over Intellect

Trap Door Theatre presents CHASTEAt 1655 W. Cortland AvenueWritten by Ken PrestininziDirected by Kate HendricksonThru June 26th Buy TicketsRunning Time:  Two hours and twenty minutes included a ten minute delayed start and intermission. Reviewed by Katy Walsh I hated this company’s last production, MINNA.  Trying again to get in to the Trap Door, I slip through... Read more »

Review "Minna" IS Theatre of Catastrophe!

Trap Door Theatre presents Minna Written by Howard Barker Directed by Nicole Wiesner Thru February 13th Buy Tickets Minna is a narcissist! Both the titled character and the play suffer from an overestimation of appearance and abilities. Trap Door Theatre presents Minna, a play… no… more like a gluttony of monologues safety pinned together, written... Read more »