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"Pink Milk" (Oracle Theatre): Unforgettable Stunner

"Pink Milk" (Oracle Theatre): Unforgettable Stunner
Oracle Productions, in conjunction with White Elephant, presents PINK MILK.  Once upon a time, a man introduced the world to artificial intelligence.  His name was Alan Turing and he is often referred to as the Father of Computers.  He was brilliant and advanced the field of science.  He was also gay.  The criminal punishment for... Read more »

"Waiting for Lefty" (Oracle Theatre): Surreal!

"Waiting for Lefty" (Oracle Theatre): Surreal!
Oracle Theatre presents WAITING FOR LEFTY. Playwright Clifford Odets premiered and set this play in 1935.  It exposes the corruption of unions during the depression.  At the focal point, one man struggles to feed his family with honor.   External and internal forces push him to make hard decisions. Under Director Matt Foss’ vision, the... Read more »

"The Mother" (Oracle Productions): Truax's Heart-pounding Triumph

"The Mother" (Oracle Productions):  Truax's Heart-pounding Triumph
This MOTHER blew me away! Oracle Productions presents a musical by Bertolt Brecht, THE MOTHER. First, it’s a spectacle from entry.  The theatre has been converted to a workhouse.  The intimate space is filled with long, high tables.  The audience sits around the tables on stools.  On the front and back walls, black and white... Read more »

"Accidental Death of an Anarchist" (Oracle Theatre): :(

"Accidental Death of an Anarchist" (Oracle Theatre):  :(
Oracle Theatre presents Accidental Death of an Anarchist.  A man was killed falling or being pushed out of a fourth floor window.  The situation is even more dramatic knowing that it was the fourth floor of a police station in Milan.  And the window was in the interrogation room. Down below, The Maniac has been arrested for... Read more »

"The Return of Radio Goggles" (Oracle Theatre): Something to See!

"The Return of Radio Goggles" (Oracle Theatre):  Something to See!
#144. Back in the olden days… Before we could watch movies on our cellphones, Ipads, and televisions, people huddled around their radios to listen to weekly serials.  With only auditory, they had to imagine how the story unfolded visually.  Last summer, Oracle invented a way to look back at past radio shows and really see... Read more »

"The Sandman" (Oracle Theatre): Thoroughly Engrossing Oddity!

"The Sandman" (Oracle Theatre):  Thoroughly Engrossing Oddity!
#129.  When I was a kid, my mom use to tell me, “Be good!  Santa’s birds are watching.”  Mom had this year-round imaginary surveillance set up on my sisters and me.  It had all the right scare tactics and limitless capabilities.  It used the Christmas incentive reward.  And birds are everywhere.  I look at birds... Read more »

"THE MAIDS" (Oracle Theatre): Gripping, Psycho Thriller!

"THE MAIDS" (Oracle Theatre):  Gripping, Psycho Thriller!
#58.  I quit my first career job after 6 years.  My boss was the most shrewd businessman I had ever met.  At first, I was mesmerized by his charisma. I adored him.  Later, he used his business tactics to put me in my place. I abhorred him.  So, on the eve of my big going... Read more »

Review "Ironmistress" (Oracle Theatre): A MACHINE!

#1.        I’m just a love machine              So give me motivation            I’m just a love machine  -Arctic Monkeys Love machine.  Sex machine.  These are today’s positive terms to describe optimal performance.  The *machine* is a person who goes beyond human levels to exceed... Read more »

2011 Top Ten Chicago Theatre Picks

2011 Top Ten Chicago Theatre Picks
From the first show of the year, Trap Door’s “HamletMachine” to the final opening of the year, last night’s “The Addams Family,” 2011 was a banner year for theatre in Chicago.  250+ theatre companies produced over 400+ shows.  Big blockbuster touring epics like Les Miserables to no-frills, all-poignant productions at ShawChicago entertained the Chicagoland masses. ... Read more »

"Life Separates Us" (Oracle Theatre): It's Group Therapy but Don't Talk!

  9/11 changed everything.  The inconceivable happened. Commercial planes were used as weapons of mass destruction. The terrorist attack left nearly 3,000 dead and the rest of the nation severely scarred.  Americans became vulnerable.  They tried to find solace in a newly-formed Homeland Security or renewed alliance to ancient Church roots.  People were suffering and... Read more »