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Jeff Garlin (Steppenwolf Theatre): Curb Your Hesitation, Buy A Ticket!

Jeff Garlin (Steppenwolf Theatre):  Curb Your Hesitation, Buy A Ticket!
“After 29 years, I’m the most comfortable stand-up comedian in the business,” Jeff Garlin confesses between belches.  A self-deprecating Garlin admits maybe he should have strived to be the best comic instead.   Steppenwolf Theatre presents Jeff Garlin in NO SUGAR TONIGHT. Garlan shuffles on stage in jeans and a t-shirt.  He almost seems shy grabbing... Read more »

Review "MIDDLETOWN": City of Angles Doesn't Make a Block...buster!

I like e-vites.  They save the environment and give you access to the guest list.  My commitment rests on the *YES* of others.  If the confirmed guests look entertaining, the party has a guarantee to rock.  BUT sometimes, no matter how promising the attendee list is, the party isn’t quite the anticipated soiree.  Steppenwolf Theatre... Read more »

Review "Where We're Born": Comedy to Drama with Substance!

   Steppenwolf Theatre presents       Where We’re Born    Written by Lucy Thurber Directed by Brad Akin at Steppenwolf Garage Theatre, 1650 N. Halsted (map) through June 18  |  tickets: $20  |  more info Reviewed by Katy Walsh  A college student returns home on break.  Beers, shots, joints: life is exactly how she left it. The escape to the comfortably familiar lulls her into trying... Read more »

Review "Animals Out of Paper": Unique Comedy Folds into Recycled Drama

Audio Podcast at ITUNES  Chicago Theatre Reviews for Week of June 17th  Narrated by Joshua Volkers     Steppenwolf Theatre presents ANIMALS OUT OF PAPER Reviewed by Katy Walsh A teacher stumbles on a naturally gifted student.  When he tries to recruit an expert to mentor the whiz kid, he discovers his idol living in... Read more »


Audio Podcast at ITUNES  Chicago Theatre Reviews for Week of June 17th  Narrated by Joshua Volkers   Steppenwolf Theatre presents VENUS Reviewed by Katy Walsh A flashlight beams in the darkness.  The wind whistles outside.  Odd characters chant in repetition: ‘I regret to inform you the Venus Hottentrot is dead.  There won’t be a show... Read more »

Review "Hot l Baltimore": Humorous, Heartfelt, Haunting Havoc

    Audio Podcast available on ITUNES Chicago Theatre Reviews for week of April 3rd Narrated by Joshua Volkers   Steppenwolf Theatre Presents THE HOT L BALTIMORE  At 1650 N. Halsted Written by Lanford Wilson Directed by Tina Landau Tuesdays thru Sundays at 7:30pm Saturdays and Sundays at 3pm Wednesdays at 2pm on May 11th,... Read more »

Review "Sex with Strangers": Porn Storyline Goes to Blackout

Steppenwolf Theatre presents SEX WITH STRANGERSIn the upstairs theatre at 1540 N. HalstedWritten by Laura EasonDirected by Jessica ThebusTuesdays through Sundays at 7:30pmSaturday s and Sundays at 3pmThru May 15th Buy TicketsRunning Time:  Two hours with a fifteen minute intermission. Reviewed by Katy Walsh What happens when a blogger seduces a novelist?  It’s ‘less likely... Read more »


A slew of wonderful play offerings slide January into February… 1.25.11  The New Electric Ballroom at A Red Orchid Theatre (JSJ) 1.27.11  Reasons to be Pretty at Profiles Theatre (JKJV) 1.28.11  Madagascar at Next Theatre (DM) 1.29.11  Sex with Strangers at Steppenwolf Theatre (JJV) 1.30.11  In Darfur at Timeline Theatre (JAC)  1.31.11  Boys Room at Victory Gardens... Read more »

Review "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?": YOU Should Fear Missing This Show!

Steppenwolf Theatre presents WHO’S AFRAID OF VIRGINA WOOLF?At 1650 N. HalstedWritten by Edward AlbeeDirected by Pam MacKinnonTuesdays through Sundays at 7:30pmSaturdays and Sundays at 3pmBuy TicketsRunning Time:  Three hours and fifteen minutes with two intermissions Reviewed by Katy Walsh ‘Hump the Host’ and ‘Get the Guest’ are not bored games for drinkers.  At Martha and... Read more »

I "Wonder" "Who is Afraid of Virginia Wolf?"

As the season gears up for the holidays, theatre openings slow down.  Luckily, this weekend offers a little enchantment before the Morton-Letts smackdown! 12.10.10  Local Wonder by Full Sky Productions at Chicago Dramatists 12.11.10  Who is Afraid of Virginia Woolf? at Steppenwolf Theatre