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EXTENDED Thru Nov 23 "Motortown" (Steep Theatre): Steep's Signature Move Kicked Up A Knotch

EXTENDED Thru Nov 23 "Motortown" (Steep Theatre):  Steep's Signature Move Kicked Up A Knotch
The hallmark of a Steep production is its ability to fuse the audience to emotion.  Steep chooses edgy stories.  The ensemble spirals into angst-driven turmoil.  The intimate theatre space forces an amalgamation of performer and audience.  There is no fourth wall.  It’s more like an invisible flimsy blanket.  A Steep audience feels what the character... Read more »

"Fallow" (Steep Theatre): Timely and Truthful

"Fallow" (Steep Theatre):  Timely and Truthful
Steep Theatre presents the Midwest Premiere of FALLOW. Kenneth Lin’s Chicago debut is incredibly timely in the wake of the Zimmerman verdict.  A young boy is killed because of an assailant’s assumption.  Would it make a difference if he was white?  And why should it?  In Lin’s story, the victim is white.  And all the... Read more »

"Luther" (Steep Theatre): Who is that guy?

"Luther" (Steep Theatre):  Who is that guy?
Steep Theatre presents the Midwest premiere of LUTHER.  The Foremans adopted Luther.  He is a volatile son with public displays of rage.  He is also a grown man.    Marjorie and Walter have brought into their home an emotionally disturbed war veteran.  They love him.  And he loves them.  It’s a sexless menage a trois. ... Read more »

"Making Noise Quietly" (Steep Theatre): Triple Play of Naked Humanity

"Making Noise Quietly" (Steep Theatre):  Triple Play of Naked Humanity
Steep Theatre has a propensity for three things:  British speaking angst, solid ensemble acting and multi-layered messages – consistently thought-provoking, not always completely decipherable. Steep Theatre presents Making Noise Quietly.  Three separate stories unfold in three different vignettes.  The interconnecting subject matter is war, strangers, and pain. The overarching theme is casualties of war.  Two strangers have... Read more »

"Moment" (Steep Theatre): Unputdownable!

"Moment" (Steep Theatre):  Unputdownable!
#149. Family dinner always serves up the real and the fantasy.  Around a shared meal, people   fork it in and spoon it up.  I remember when I was five, the supper conversation consisted of my older sisters talking about what happened in their classrooms, my younger sister talking about what happened on her magic... Read more »

"The Receptionist" (Steep Theatre): Comedy Turns Thriller

"The Receptionist" (Steep Theatre):  Comedy Turns Thriller
#79.  In meetings, I like to take the seat facing the door.  I enter the conference room quickly and mark my territory with my well-known coffee mug.  With my back to the wall and facing the unknown, I’m ready for whatever may go down.  It’s part paranoia and part fantasy escape.  Sometimes, the only thing... Read more »

THE GOG/MAGOG PROJECT (Steep Theatre): Salinas IS The Man!

#23.  Reality shows?!  I don’t get the appeal.  Why would someone want their life to be on display?  Especially knowing viewers are rooting for their demise?  They are *constantly on*. Every little gesture or uttering has the potential to be observed, scrutinized, and misperceived.  Why do it?  Is it for the money, the fame or... Read more »

"Love and Money" (Steep Theatre): Steep Does Masterpiece Theatre!

#11.  ‘What I did for love, what I did for love.‘  Romantics versus capitalists?  There’s no contest.  Public support favors people’s idiotic antics in pursuit of love.  It’s easy to get behind some fool whipped into a frenzy over a guy or gal.  What wouldn’t you do for someone you loved?  How much of yourself... Read more »

2011 Top Ten Chicago Theatre Picks

2011 Top Ten Chicago Theatre Picks
From the first show of the year, Trap Door’s “HamletMachine” to the final opening of the year, last night’s “The Addams Family,” 2011 was a banner year for theatre in Chicago.  250+ theatre companies produced over 400+ shows.  Big blockbuster touring epics like Les Miserables to no-frills, all-poignant productions at ShawChicago entertained the Chicagoland masses. ... Read more »

"Under The Blue Sky" (Steep Theatre): 2 x 3= sex (+/- love)

High school is in an education in drama.  With so many raging hormones under one roof, it’s an ongoing lesson in Love 101. Does he like like me?  Will she go all the way?  Is he a virgin?  But this time it’s not the kids in the hall.  These questions are a test for the... Read more »