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"9 Circles" (Sideshow Theatre): Must Be Seen

"9 Circles" (Sideshow Theatre):  Must Be Seen
Sideshow Theatre Company, in association with the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events, presents the Chicago premiere of 9 CIRCLES. Playwright Bill Cain’s story is set in 2006 Iraq but it could as easily be 2013 Syria.  The play’s underlying questions of ‘what is the USA doing? And why?’ are timely to today’s... Read more »

"The Burden of not having a Tail" (Sideshow Theatre): Miller is Crazy (Great)!

"The Burden of not having a Tail" (Sideshow Theatre): Miller is Crazy (Great)!
Sideshow Theatre presents the World Premiere of THE BURDEN OF NOT HAVING A TAIL. The curious title of Playwright Carrie Barrett’s new work sounds like a kid’s book.  It could easily be the name of the adventures of Curious George’s trainer.  It isn’t.  Walking into the cellophane-wrapped theatre, any thoughts of a children’s theme are eliminated. ... Read more »

"Maria/Stuart" (Sideshow Theatre): Quirky to Whacked Out!

"Maria/Stuart" (Sideshow Theatre):  Quirky to Whacked Out!
Sideshow Theatre presents the Chicago premiere of Maria/Stuart. Grandma Ruthie uses dementia to grow old hatefully. The crusty old hag torments her family with unapologetic meanness. Her bitchy daughters Lizzie and Marnie have inherited their mom’s maternal skills. They smother and berate their own kids and each other’s. The third daughter Sylvia is the nice but crazy... Read more »

"Idomeneus" (Sideshow Theatre): This King Rules!

"Idomeneus" (Sideshow Theatre): This King Rules!
“The Iliad,” “Electra,” “Oedipus el Rey,” it’s a Greekfest in Chicago!  Recent plays have been showcasing Greek theatre roots.  The fascinating complexity and connectivity of the ancient stories makes me want to take a Mythology course. Sideshow Theatre presents the American premiere of IDOMENEUS.  The Trojan War is over!  Idomeneus, the King of Crete, is... Read more »

"The Gacy Play" (Sideshow Theatre): Andy Luther is a Serial Killer! ...I'm just saying.

#138. As a single woman with skin that would make a nice dress, I’ve survived murder by putting people into two categories:  serial killers and the others. On the bus, at a restaurant, in the next door apartment: killers have to commute, eat, live… somewhere.   Being aware of this basic truth keeps me alive.  I... Read more »

2011 Top Ten Chicago Theatre Picks

2011 Top Ten Chicago Theatre Picks
From the first show of the year, Trap Door’s “HamletMachine” to the final opening of the year, last night’s “The Addams Family,” 2011 was a banner year for theatre in Chicago.  250+ theatre companies produced over 400+ shows.  Big blockbuster touring epics like Les Miserables to no-frills, all-poignant productions at ShawChicago entertained the Chicagoland masses. ... Read more »

"The Ugly One" (Sideshow Theatre): Hideously Funny and Pretty Profound!

"The Ugly One" (Sideshow Theatre):  Hideously Funny and Pretty Profound!
Before he came out to his parents, my friend Dirk went out of his way to impress them.  He had a beautiful job, beautiful home, beautiful clothes.  When he heard they were coming to visit Chicago, he asked ME if I knew any beautiful girls that would fit into his beautiful life. Sideshow Theatre Company... Read more »

Review "HEDDATRON": Creative Chaotic Comedy!

Sideshow Theatre presents  HEDDATRON Reviewed by Katy Walsh  Hedda Gabler:  Ibsen’s writing it.  Jane’s living it.  Nugget’s reporting it.  Robots are performing it.  Sideshow Theatre presents the Chicago premiere of HEDDATRON as part of the 2011 Steppenwolf Garage Repertory series.  Using documentary style film footage, HEDDATRON chronicles the recent robot led abduction of a woman. ... Read more »

Review "Theories of the Sun": The Men Bring The Heat

    Sideshow Theatre presents    Theories of the Sun     Written by Kathleen Akerley Directed by Jonathan L. Green and Megan A. Smith at Theater Wit, 1229 W. Belmont (map) through October 3rd  |  tickets: $15- $20  |  more info Reviewed by Katy Walsh Where does Death take a holiday? Apparently, a remote hotel in... Read more »

This Week "THEORIES" Will Push Me Into An "INVASION" Before I High-Kick It To "CHORUSLINE"

September continues with new shows this week.  Thursday, I’m contemplating life and death with an ecletic writing group.  Friday, I’ll watch the liberal attack of Skokie without leaving Chicago.  And Sunday, it’s all about tits and ass. Whether it’s a classic or a new story, it’ll be my first time at all three theatre companies! Theories... Read more »