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EXTENDED Thru Feb 1 "The Seafarer" (Seanachai Theatre): The Drunken Holiday Show Alternative

EXTENDED Thru Feb 1 "The Seafarer" (Seanachai Theatre):  The Drunken Holiday Show Alternative
Seanachai Theatre presents THE SEAFARER. It’s Christmas time.  Richard plans to spend the holiday blind-stinking drunk…literally. Brad Armacost (Richard) is a boozer who lost his eyesight.  No one in Chicago plays a sloshed Irishman more charming than Armacost.  In The Seafarer, Armacost is hilariously inebriated.  A vivid storyteller, Armacost has this marvelous ability to draw the audience in... Read more »

"Hughie" (Seanachai Theatre): Perfect Ramblings Pack a Wallop

"Hughie" (Seanachai Theatre):  Perfect Ramblings Pack a Wallop
Seanachai Theatre presents Hughie.  Erie Smith is a small-time gambler and big-time talker.  He’s coming off his most recent bender. He’s looking for the comforts of home.  He’s searching for his Hughie. Charley Hughes is the new replacement night clerk.  For years, Erie has returned home from his latest craps game or hook-up  to chat it out... Read more »

"In Pigeon House" (Seanachai Theatre Company): Dark, Zany, Showbiz Hodge Podge

"In Pigeon House" (Seanachai Theatre Company):  Dark, Zany, Showbiz Hodge Podge
Seanachai Theatre presents IN PIGEON HOUSE.  “Fit-ups” were traveling shows in early twentieth century Ireland.  The rural countryside was the theatrical landscape for vaudeville touring companies.  Basher, Masher, Rasher and Dolly are actors.  They live for the stage.  And stage where they live.  In this tribute to grassroots plays and cinema, the foursome interacts.  It’s... Read more »

"A Moon for the Misbegotten" (Seanachai Theatre): Whiskey-Soaked Unrequited Possibilities

#62.  The other day, I heard a story about Eugene O’Neill.  I’ve been reading a lot about his tragic life.  He had three wives, alcoholism, and depression.  His two sons committed suicide.  He disowned his daughter when she hooked up with Charlie Chaplin.  His brother drank himself to death.  Eugene O’Neill’s life was one long,... Read more »

St. Nicholas (Seanachai Theatre Company): One Critic Show Draws Blood

Once upon a time, I reviewed this show.  I became obsessed with an actor.  So, I crashed the cast party.  I got so totally wasted that I passed out in the park.  When I woke up, I stumbled into a house of vampires.  Alright, so it didn’t really happen to ME but it’s someone’s story. ... Read more »

"The Shadow of a Gunman" (Seanachai Theatre Company): Harmless Pretend Turns Deadly Reality

Writers pretending to be someone else to impress a potential love interest.  There should *never* be a law against that.  Seanachai Theatre Company presents The Shadow of a Gunman.  In 1920, a poet moves into a Dublin tenement.  He is mistaken for an Irish Republican.  Unlike the American faction, these republicans are the liberal rogues.  Four years earlier,... Read more »

Review "That Was Then": Past and Present Collide to Change People

Seanachai Theatre Company presents THAT WAS THEN At Irish American Heritage Center, 4626 N. Knox   Written by Gerard Stembridge Directed by Carolyn Klein Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays at 7:30pm Sundays at 3pm Thru April 3rd Buy Tickets Running Time:  One hour and forty-five minutes includes a ten minute intermission Reviewed by Katy Walsh Contemporary vs... Read more »

Review "The Weir": Pints of Laughs with Shots of Shivers!

Seanachai Theatre Company presents       THE WEIR At The Irish American Heritage Center 4626 N. Knox, Chicago Written by Conor McPherson Directed by Matt Miller Thru October 17th Buy Tickets Running Time:  95 minutes with no intermission   Reviewed by Katy Walsh   Your man and his eejit seanachais cod with a blow-in... Read more »