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"Sixty Miles to Silver Lake" (Collaboraction Theatre): Drives Ritualism and Realism Home

#95.  In my family, women excel at communicating.  We are the topic starters, question askers, and noise makers.  Without us, the men might sit in silence.  I try to imagine just my dad and one of my nephews on a road trip.  Would they talk?  Would they eventually fall into meaningful conversations?  How far does... Read more »

EXTENDED Thru 3/11 "Dark Plays Or Stories for Boys" (Collaboraction Theatre): Dark Comedy Amazes and Dazes!

EXTENDED Thru  3/11 "Dark Plays Or Stories for Boys" (Collaboraction Theatre):  Dark Comedy Amazes and Dazes!
#10. At the dawn of the Internet, my friend Jay fell virtually in love… multiple times.  All of his e-relationships ended abruptly usually around the first physical meeting… whether it actually happened or not.  I remember one guy claimed to be a US Olympic gymnast alternate.  Jay was especially intrigued by this chat room turned... Read more »

"Be A Good Little Widow" (Collaboraction Theatre): Grieves for Lost Potential

Many twenty-somethings struggle with the reality of post college life.  As student loans become due, these alumni sit stunted.  “What do I really want to be?”  Is the big question looking for resolution.  Never is the answer “a widow.”  Collaboraction Theatre presents the Chicago premiere of Be A Good Little Widow.  Melody is a new... Read more »

Review '1001': Scheherazade Conspiracy at Play

Collaboraction presents 1001At Chopin Theatre, 1543 W. DivisionWritten by Jason GroteDirected by Seth BockleyBuy TicketsThru October 9th Running Time:  Two hours and thirty minutes includes a ten minute intermission and a delayed start Reviewed by Katy Walsh ‘Everyone is a collection of stories.’ Change one person’s story and change a nation’s history.  Ah, the power... Read more »

Starting at '1001' en route to 'Detroit' then 'Wuthering Heights' will push 'This Lady' to Mamet-palooza!

The theatre weekend starts on Thursday goes through Monday! 1001 by Collaboraction Theatre at The Chopin Detroit at Steppenwolf Theatre Wuthering Heights at Lifeline Theatre This Lady is not for Burning by Theo Ubique Cabaret Theatre at No Exit Cafe MAMET-PALOOOZA:  Oleanna and Speed-in-the-Plow at America Theatre Company Check back for my impressions of the opening performances!... Read more »