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"Mahal" (Bailiwick Chicago): Genuine Family Affair

"Mahal" (Bailiwick Chicago):  Genuine Family Affair
Bailiwick Chicago presents the World Premiere of MAHAL. “Family can be a lot!”  This sentiment is stated and reinforced in Playwright Danny Bernardo’s engaging story of the Reyes.  Mom has just lost her battle to cancer.  Her kids and husband are dealing with it… each in their own way.  Dad is redecorating.  Jun is skyping.... Read more »

"Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson" (Bailiwick Chicago): Clever Bio-Musical Goes Cartoonish

"Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson" (Bailiwick Chicago):  Clever Bio-Musical Goes Cartoonish
As we watch the bloody attacks of the current presidential campaign, it’s easy to wonder if there has always been a hateful race to become Commander-in-Chief.  In this day and age, how much of a role does the media play in the selection process?  What happened before the Internet connected personal failures and questionable dealings... Read more »

"Rise of the Numberless" (Bailiwick Chicago, The New Colony): Musical Mayhem!

"Rise of the Numberless" (Bailiwick Chicago, The New Colony):  Musical Mayhem!
#90.  Arriving at the Flat Iron Arts Building, we’re greeted by a guy looking like a runaway cast member of “Hair.”  He passes us off to another colorfully-clad guy.  They welcome us like friends and then covertly usher us up to the third floor.  The theatrical experience has begun.  At reception, we are stamped with... Read more »

VIOLET (Bailiwick Chicago): This Show Stars HARMONY!

I’ve never totally bought into “Beauty and the Beast.”  What kind of life lesson is learning to love someone beautiful?  Come on!  What about the ugly people? It makes more sense to sentence the beast with a find-the-inner-beauty-in-yourself-and-others-to-be-truly-happy curse.  “Inner Beauty and the Beast”?!  I could get behind that story.     Bailiwick Chicago presents VIOLET. ... Read more »

"Traces" of "Midsummer" Before My "Departure" "(ad)Dresses" A "Teacher"

  Lots of openings to fall back on this week! 11.3.10  Traces by Broadway in Chicago at Broadway Playhouse 11.5.10  Midsummer’s Night Dream at Lyric Opera 11.6.10  Departure Lounge by Bailiwick Chicago at Royal George 11.7.10  100 Dresses by Chicago Children’s Theatre at North Shore Center in Skokie 11.8.10  Piano Teacher by Next Theatre at... Read more »

Final Chance to See "A Cowboy" Going for "Cherry" or "Wood" in "F#cking Men" love that "Parallelogram"!

         Final weekend to see four summer hits…        Late: A Cowboy Song at Piven Theatre Cherrywood at Mary Arrchie Theatre F#cking Men at Bailiwick Chicago   Parallelogram at Steppenwolf Theatre    

Review "Aida": Big Ideas, Small Space...Still Beautiful!

Bailiwick Chicago presents      Aida    Book by L. Woolverton, Robert Falls and D.H. Hwang Music by Elton John, Lyrics by Tim Rice Directed by Scott Ferguson Music Directed by Jimmy Morehead/Robert Ollis at American Theatre Company, 1909 W. Byron (map) through August 1st  |  Tickets:  $30-$45  |  more info reviewed by Katy Walsh Egypt... Read more »

Going up this weekend: Emperor verses Aida in a Parallelogram until After The Fall

JULY 9th: Chicago Shakespeare Theatre opens world premiere family musical “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” July 10th:  Steppenwolf Theatre opens Bruce Norris’ play “Parallelogram.” July 10th:   Bailiwick Chicago opens Elton John composed “Aida.”    July 11th:  Eclipse Theatre opens Arthur Miller’s “After The Fall.”

Review "F#cking Men": Porn with a Real Storyline!

Bailiwick Chicago presents F#CKING MENAt Theatre Building Chicago/Stage 773, 1225 W. BelmontWritten by Joe DiPietroDirected by Tom Mullen Thru August 29th Buy TicketsRunning Time:  Ninety minutes with no intermission Reviewed by Katy Walsh ‘With girls you have to take them to dinner or be nice to them.  Guys you just need to look at them.’ ... Read more »