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"Devour" (20% Theatre Company): Couture Killer, is she or isn't she?

Kim and her Kardashian sisters. Paris and Nicki Hilton.  Ivanka Trump.  People magazine has snapshots of them. TMZ keeps tabs on them.   The world watches these gals have drinks, affairs, and breakdowns.  These ladies are all famous!  Not for their contributions to the betterment of humankind but because they’re rich or – more importantly –... Read more »

"House of Yes" (20% Theatre Company): So No-No Wrong, It's Yes-Yes Right!

Going to someone’s house for dinner is always an interesting exploration of family values.  I’ve been a guest where conversation is sparse and surface.  And then experienced the opposite where the meal is a screaming war zone.  I’m mystified by too much silverware or scraping plates at the table.  Everybody’s family sups a little differently. ... Read more »