"Street Justice" (The Factory Theatre): Irreverent, High Energy, Stylized 80s Action Flick

"Street Justice" (The Factory Theatre): Irreverent, High Energy, Stylized 80s Action Flick

Factory Theater presents STREET JUSTICE.

Every Factory show I’ve ever experienced has a few things in common.  There is an irreverent vibe.  Not only is the ensemble flipping off authority, there is always at least one off-color joke so crude it gets more gasps than laughs. And then there are the high energy antics.  The ensemble is passionately committed to cracking up the audience and each other.  The camaraderie has the jocularity of an old boys club that opened membership to their favorite gals.

STREET JUSTICE has all that plus! It’s stylized like an 80s action flick.  Playwrights Colin Milroy (Truman) and Anthony Tournis (Dalton) wrote and star in this buddy cop drama.  Like Murtaugh and Riggs before them, Truman and Dalton are mismatched partners. Milroy plays uptight and inexperienced to the hilarious Tournis.  From wig to toe, Tournis kicks ass with his zaniness.  The set-ups and characters are familiar and fun.  Playing a Cagney and Lacey duo, Mandy Walsh (no relation) and Laura Korn bring the undercover moxie as hookers.  Walsh and Korn effectively play tough-talking broads. The script’s  dialogue is one gag after another.  Everyone has a shtick to shake for laughs.  My favorite is Dan Krall (Taggerty) channeling every screaming Captain from “Beverly Hills Cop” to “Starsky and Hutch.”  In his often intelligible rants, Krall is absurdly funny.  The entire spirited cast is ready to shoot, zing or party without notice.  Costume Designer Rachel Sypniewski dresses them for their 80s flashback in “21 Jump Street” meets “Hills Street Blues: The Special Hookers Unit” influenced apparel.

Under the direction of Mike Ooi, the drama is cloaked in comedy.  Ooi teases out the movie parody from the start with projected fake trailers and promos by Patrick Holland, John Moran and Shannon O’Neil.  A screen is set-up in front and the audience arrives to the previews.  In the actual show, Ooi paces the drama to be affected adding to the humor. The 80s crime genre in contemporary times is over-the-top lunacy.  It’s the perfect platform for parody.  And Ooi doesn’t waste time rolling out the action-packed spoof of cool cops verses cool villains.

STREET JUSTICE is an 80s reunion show cross-cast to bring P.D.’s finest to this big ole pig roast.  If you want to be busted (up), these cops are arresting.

Running Time:  Ninety minutes with no intermission

At Prop Theatre, 3502 N. Elston

Written by Colin Milroy and Anthony Tournis

Directed by Mike Ooi

Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm

Sundays at 3pm

Thru December 14th

Buy Tickets at www.thefactorytheater.com

Production photo by Dan Tamarkin


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