"Pink Milk" (Oracle Theatre): Unforgettable Stunner

"Pink Milk" (Oracle Theatre): Unforgettable Stunner

Oracle Productions, in conjunction with White Elephant, presents PINK MILK. 

Once upon a time, a man introduced the world to artificial intelligence.  His name was Alan Turing and he is often referred to as the Father of Computers.  He was brilliant and advanced the field of science.  He was also gay.  The criminal punishment for his homosexuality would be a mitigating factor in his untimely death at age 41.  This is his true story.

Although Alan Turing’s story is a tragedy, PINK MILK is more of a love story.  Playwright Alex Paul Young parallels Alan’s scientific discoveries with his sexual awakening.  Young focuses on the love between Alan (played with finesse by Aaron Stephenson) and his childhood friend Christopher (played by the amiable Cole Doman).  Their relationship is the heart of this play. And director and choreographer Brandon Powers orchestrates this talented ensemble to beautifully illustrate the soul of this play.  Powers uses synchronized movement to express the emotion. Gestures are exaggeratedly pantomimed for effect.  The ensemble swirl around Stephenson to show chaos. In a romantic fantasy sequence, Stephenson and Doman perform a courtship dance.  Their sweet exchange wildly contrasts the erotic tussle between Stephenson and the sultry Charlie Kolarich.

Powers impressively choreographs this biographical ballet.  The design team adds to the unique artistry. Costume Designer Cassie Bowers dresses the cast in shades of gray.  They all match but they don’t! Each actor has an individualized look based on their primary role. The adorable Darren Barrere wears a bow tie playing different computer versions.  The agile Carrie Drapac wears a form fitting, unisex look.  And the commanding Jessica Dean Turner and animated Caitlin Collins wear 1950’s style skirts.  Scenic and Prop Designer Emma Pardini uses a stark set with black chalkboard walls and white audience benches to compliment the gray-clad ensemble.  The futuristic-look makes the ongoing use of apples a pop out visual. The blending of synthetic and organic is a visual reminder of the story’s content.

Alan Turing’s story is mind-boggling.  Here was a guy dedicated to advancing mankind yet he was persecuted by the narrow-minded society that he was serving. PINK MILK tells his story in an unforgettable and stunning way. This is a must see show!  And because Oracle Theatre is committed to public access to theatre, the tickets are free.  But bring money!  Once you experience this hard-working cast energetically storytelling, you will want to reward the sweat-soaked actors with a donation.

Running Time:  Ninety-five minutes with no intermission

At Oracle Theatre, 3809 N. Broadway

Written by Alex Paul Young

Directed and choreographed by Brandon Powers

Fridays, Saturdays, Mondays at 8pm

Sundays at 7pm

Reserve tickets at http://publicaccesstheatre.org/

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