"Rooms: a rock romance" (Broken Nose Theatre): Love Rocks!

"Rooms: a rock romance" (Broken Nose Theatre): Love Rocks!
Broken Nose Theatre presents
ROOMS: a rock romance

W.I.T.!  The character Monica keeps announcing ‘Whatever It Takes‘ to her cohort Ian in their climb from obscurity to fame.  Life imitates art as Matt Deitchman (Ian) and Hillary Marren (Monica) certainly do whatever it took to actualize this play.  Even with the cranked Collaboraction Theatre air conditioning inside, the steamy 97 degree temps outside made the room for the ROOMS feel sticky.  Yet, that didn’t stop Deitchman and Marren as they keep their whirlwind romance spinning at high speed.  They dance.  They rock.  They put on more clothes!  Conditions weren’t completely favorable to fall in love but they did… and we did too.

Read the rest of my review at Chicago Theater Beat. 


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