"LIVES OF THE PIGEONS" (Side Project Theatre): Quirky

"LIVES OF THE PIGEONS" (Side Project Theatre):  Quirky

Reviewed by Sara Eisenbaum

“Lives of the Pigeons” turned out to be as quirky as it’s title. It left a lasting impression, although what the impression was is still very confusing. However, that may be the point. The main premise of the play is two gentleman playing a few games of chess. They have an established routine and discuss events that seem as though they have been imbedded in their friendship. At some points the play diverges from it’s present tense into flash backs and at other points a moment within a moment. During these scenes a third man becomes part of the dialogue. Where he comes from is unclear and what exactly his role is in the play is also very unclear. He ranges from an interviewer, a wanderer, a psychic, and even a vengeful freak. That seems like a recipe for a play with a spiritual base or a God complex but possibly that’s what the expected conclusion would be; so unless the viewer is mundane I would suggest a rethinking. Beyond that because the meaning was very hard to grasp there isn’t much more to say. It wasn’t altogether an enjoyable play, and some scenes were overwhelmingly bizarre to the point that I had to focus on my to do list instead of the many dead pigeons on stage or the adult thumb sucking.

Running Time: Seventy minutes without an intermission 

At The Side Project, 1439 West Jarvis Avenue, Chicago, IL

Written by Sherod Santos

Directed by Adam Webster

Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30pm Sundays at 3pm

Thru June 30th

For more information, visit http://www.thesideproject.net/detail.php?show=159

Photographer Credit: Scott Dray


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