"If You Split A Second" (Pegasus Players): Fascinating Premise

"If You Split A Second" (Pegasus Players):  Fascinating Premise

Pegasus Players present IF YOU SPLIT A SECOND.

Playwright Dana Lynn Formby unveils her newest project. A split-second decision changes a man’s life forever. He goes to prison and his life continues without him. The premise fascinates. Formby has written the story to be primarily narrated by the incarcerated Mick played by Dylan McGorty. The effect of Mick’s actions is illustrated through the lives of six characters performed by two actors. Besides Mick, McGorty plays Patrick the brother and John, a man whose own split-second decision binds him to the family. Stephanie Chavara plays Jane the wife, Geneva the daughter and Amber the sister. Under the fluid direction of Ilesa Duncan, McGorty and Chavara morph in and outDylan McGorty and Stephanie Chavara star in Pegasus Players' "If You Split a Second" by Dana Lynn Formby, directed by Ilesa Duncan.of characters within seconds. The orchestration is an ever-flowing story. In one of the final scenes, there is a poignant montage performed by McGorty and Chavara. It’s a collection of all the play’s most important moments that made us arrive at the conclusion. It’s a breathtaking flashback dance.

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